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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Clyde Lewis` take on The Walking Dead

My Wife and I are huge Walking Dead fans, I think she has a crush on Daryl...but anyway it`s a show we both enjoy in our own ways.  I caught a bit of Ground Zero the other night and Clyde Lewis explained how this 6th season is a bit taken out of Bible prophesy and the general direction of the world today, I thought his take was very interesting.  Karl lost his "right eye" as did a lady that was the group`s doctor, a evil character "Negan" that swings a barbwire bat named "Lucille" is parallel to the antichrist and mentions "the new world order" in his end speech.  


*there might be a spoiler in this, if you haven`t watched it yet.


The guy playing Negan was on the Good Wife.  There was a POV of someone getting killed by Negan and everyone is speculating if it might be Glenn, we find out next October.

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bruce MN

Re: Clyde Lewis` take on The Walking Dead

Loyal watcher as well. people tell me you need to be well familiar with the comic books series and story line. If so, you'll detect numerous liberties taken. Negan turning out in the series different than the paper and ink purists had hoped for. Too many popular characters to stay true and hold viewers from what I've read. Carl should have been gone long ago. I'm all over Carol like that Democrat you sleep with is over Daryl.
BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Clyde Lewis` take on The Walking Dead

I`ve heard Carl isn`t popular.  I suppose some characters gain popularity on the screen and they are kept around longer than the "graphic novel".  Carol if I recall correctly was in a abusive marriage and now she`s a real bada$$.  The season finale Daryl the mountainman never had anyone get the drop on him before and Rick and the group is going through the saviour`s territory in a Winnebago???  Rick even remarked that it was as though they were being herded somewhere, when the roads were blocked, I knew they were toast.  Then going through the woods without a scout going ahead wasn`t smart, but I suppose they were focused on Maggie.



It makes the show interesting that Rick and the group wasn`t invincible as it appeared at Alexandera.  The show really explores what would happen when TSHTF and it`s TEOTWAWKI, the zombies are only secondary.  In a similar disaster there would be wannabe warlords, alot of brutality...I think the show is pretty accurate as to what would happen, you would need a good group to survive.