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Senior Advisor

College campus to students: stay in your free speech zone

Maybe that's what they need to do in Ferguson MO, set up a free speech zone.




University officials threatened to call the police and disciplinary action against students who were passing out copies of the U.S. Constitution at Southern Oregon University (SOU) last week.

A group of four students at SOU handed out copies of the Constitution on campus Tuesday while collecting signatures to end the university’s restrictive speech policies, which limit free speech to an area that totals less than one percent of campus. While doing so, the students were approached multiple times by school administrators and campus police who all asked the students to move to a different area of campus.

"We encountered wild accusations that because the event was affiliated with SCC, there was legitimate fear for the imminent danger of students on campus."


“I would very much like you to leave, if you would, please, because the students have the right to be able to come by here without you guys, you know, invading their space and asking them to do something,” Tim Robitz, director of university housing, can be heard telling the students in an exclusive video obtained by Campus Reform.

School administrators threatened to call the police on the students when the group did not leave. One of the students in attendance told Campus Reform that some administrators resorted to “personal attacks” and threatened disciplinary action.

“We have our free speech zone. I understand that you may not like it, but that’s where it is,” Allyson Beck, SOU’s family housing coordinator, told the students in the video

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Veteran Advisor

Re: College campus to students: stay in your free speech zone

You repubs have a history of setting up free speech zones.
Senior Contributor

Re: College campus to students: stay in your free speech zone

I don't think it is Republicans who are zoning free speech.

Free Speech Zone may be necessary when the actions could constitute a form of harassment.  You aren't free to harass people, ordinarily.  I don't know what it would achieve anyways.


Free Speech is no where nearly as effective as filing criminal charges on people.  When you learn how to engage the system the system works for you.  After which point in time it all just casual conversation.