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Colleges cutting hours because fo Obama care

This is from the people who crammed it down our throats and out our backsides. Millions lose their health insurance and 10s of 1,000s lose hours. Just what the economy needs to recover.



As the federal health reform known as Obamacare  takes hold, many community colleges in Maryland and across the countryare capping the hoursof adjunct faculty — who make up  the bulk of their teaching force — to avoid paying for the instructors' health  insurance.

The limits put the adjunct teachers on the leading edge of fallout from the  Affordable Care Act, whose critics predict that a range of employers will  increasingly rely on part-timers to sidestep insurance requirements that go into  effect in 2015.

Cash-strapped community colleges in Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Carroll, Howard  and Prince George's counties, among other places, have pre-emptively limited  adjuncts' hours, starting this year. Expanding health coverage to such  instructors would cost schools across the state $17 million, officials at the  Maryland Association of Community Colleges estimated.

Though many schools already had hourly limits in place, their enforcement was  frequently lax. The current efforts will keep all but a handful of instructors  from qualifying for health benefits under the law.

Adjuncts' hours are also being limited at schools in some other states,  including Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia.


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Veteran Advisor

Re: Colleges cutting hours because fo Obama care

They have sown the seed of destruction and now harvest their reward. *grins*
Just as the Soviet Union "project" was a doomed prospect, so will be the Soviet American endeavor.
When will they ever learn?
Onward to Armageddon.
Senior Contributor

Re: Colleges cutting hours because fo Obama care


Kind of stretching it to try and make a point.   Some people with an agenda will really go trash diving to try and make their case, ie. hours limitations already existed.

Senior Contributor

Re: Colleges cutting hours because fo Obama care

There is drugs available in this country for your paranoia Craig. Let me know if you need some.
Senior Contributor

Re: the debate was on osamacare

and there aint no pill to cure idiots --sorry for you GOTCHA

Senior Advisor

Re: Colleges cutting hours because fo Obama care

Yes I would blame OBama for what private businesses do. Companies have no obligation to offer health care if their company has few than 50 employees. Other companies do not have to provide coverage for those that work less than 30 hours per week. It's the companies that are skirting the law to avoid adequate compensation for their help.


That is not governments fault that businesses try to treat their employees poorly.