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Colyer concedes

Edmund55, now where did you say that IF...  ?




Kris Kobach wins the Republican Primary for Governor!

Governor Colyer called Kris this evening to concede a close race for the Republican nomination for Kansas Governor.

The governor was gracious after a hard-fought race. He endorsed the Kobach/Hartman ticket and pledged his support. We will work together to unite the party and take the fight to the Democrats in November.

Tomorrow we will hold a press conference to launch our general election campaign with the support of Governor Colyer and Republicans across the state. 

Thank you for your continued support of Kris Kobach for Kansas Governor!
Rep. J.R. Claeys (R-Salina)
Campaign Manager



btw, another President Trump endorsed candidate wins...

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will continue to swirl down the drain, or Kelly will win.

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Re: Colyer concedes

(Edmund55, now where did you say that IF...  ?)


That is disappointing to hear however not surprising that Collyer would concede with class as Collyer appears to be a descent guy.


Not sure what you think I may have said, however you can look at that post.  I said I would vote for Collyer or Svaty if either won and plan to stick with that.

I never heard of the D nominee before primary day so I will see what she is about and thus I guess there is a small % chance that I would vote for her, there is a 0% chance that I will vote for a disaster like Kobach.


Now some think that the D nominee has a chance to win, I don't and therefore KS is stuck with 4 more Brownback on steroid's type disastrous years, the only big difference is that Brownback was an honorable man that made bad decisions, Kobach is not an honorable man.


I hope that helps Smiley Wink

Re: Colyer concedes

As far as Brownback goes, being a (Koch bought and paid for) ideologue does not make you an honorable man.


Even if the folks at your megachurch think you are.

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Re: Colyer concedes

You sure you read my post correctly?   lol

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Re: Colyer concedes

So far the difference is 345 votes...but there are
A few counties that are not official including
Shawnee and Wyandotte (Topeka and Kansas

The trump zippies think it is all because of him and
They agree with hobach..

The true reason....everyone was so sick of brownback,
Anything to with him was tainted.

The Democrats have already lost the election...
They chose a total nobody.

Their only chance is expose the republican
Canidate for what he will not be easy, clean
Or nice...but needs to be done.

Koboch is out for himself.....this whole voter
Deal was a horse and pony show....he is
So worried about a state with a little over
2,000,000 people..where in most polling places,
People know each other by first name...and due
To his actions, deny votes to older folks in
Nursing homes....the same people who went
To war to protect this country.
He has aligned himself a man that hates people
From Mexico. In Kansas we need people from
Mexico...from the fields, construction, to the
Meat packing industry....but koboch doesn't
Get that.

I just can't believe how stupid people have become.
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Re: Colyer concedes

ElCheapo   -  Your  paragraph  sums  it  up  -  especially  on nursing  homes  &  immigrants  -  -   -


Can't  believe  Mr. Religious  ex- governor  has  DISAPPEARED  from  the Kansas Landscape   so  KwiK' ly  ? 

Re: Colyer concedes

A month ago a person would have been hard pressed to find anyone who could propose rock solid assurance that elections would even be held in this country come November.

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Re: Colyer concedes

What the h e l l are you talking about bruce?


over two/2 years ago with obummer and Clinton, there was "wondering" if they would pull chit and the 2016 election would be

'the last one"...


btw, this was the primary in Kansas..

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Re: Colyer concedes

Buying   any  Kansas  religious  memorabilia  from  Ambassador  Brown Back ?  ?