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bruce MN

Comey hires Fitzgerald

This soup is getting thick.


Do you suppose somebody opened one of 3020’s emails that he certainly would have sent after my urging him to get on his people to get to the bottom of things?


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Senior Advisor

Comey needs all the help he can get

Comey hitched his ride to the presidency of Mrs. Clinton...he bet on a losing nag. If the good guys play Andy McCabe right, and get him to roll, the whole incestuous gang goes down.


Trump should back off on spiking the football until after the touchdown, as the TH author suggests, though.

Senior Contributor

Re: Comey needs all the help he can get

I smell another suicide coming...

Senior Contributor

Re: Comey hires Fitzgerald

Jim Comey reportedly has a net worth in the tens of millions of dollars. Along with his new book deal, I would not worry too much about him. He will do just fine regardless of any multi million dollar lawyer fees he may encounter.


Instead, keep a close eye on Comey’s former FBI underlings. Guys like Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, and Lisa Page may have all been making respectable coin vis a vis the average working Joe. None of them, however, is probably financially prepared for the multi year legal battle that awaits them.


Like Mike Flynn, I would expect all three fo these 50 something bureaucrats to flip against Comey in order to avoid personal bankruptcy and possible jail time. Stay tuned folks. The show band is just warming up.


[“The process is the punishment.” Franz Kafka (The Trial, 1926).]

bruce MN

Re: Comey hires Fitzgerald

Good analysis. Could become a rather big deal.


For that to happen, however, somebody is going to have to have the confidence and high up support to appoint an Investigator and then, if need be, proceed with charges. 

Senior Advisor

Re: Hated Harry on Comey

I see Harry hasn't wised up any since leaving office.