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Wasn't aware that MW was part of the great MSM left wing conspiracy.


There's an interesting suggestion as to the logic behind the way Comey hadled to original Clinton email investigation- a wounded Clinton is a lot better opponetn than Biden or Sanders who would be up 10-15.


You look at the Comey bio there is several henoius associations but being one of the thousands of Bush WAT Daddy Warbucks Defense/Surveillance leeches is tops on my list.


In fact a good reason to hate the government. But why is he trying to elect Trump then???


The answer is that the Folk are the most reliable rubes at the table.

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Re: Comey

What people fail to recognize is that while they were proudly shoving $8 weiners in the pieholes during the pregame patriotic pageant, the WAT was siphoning off $billions to politically connected cronies.