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I have not watched any of Comey's prior interviews but I did watch the majority of Cooper's SNN interview with Comey tonight, I was surprised how unimpressive of a person that Comey is, I anticipated that the head or former head of the FBI would overwhelm me with intelligence and common sense.


My other big take was how much Comey hates Trump, his hate for Trump was so over the top that I could easily see him being unethical or worse in order to try and bring down his hated adversary.  







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Senior Contributor

Re: Comey

The whiney tone to his voice was embarrassing.
Senior Contributor

Re: Comey

But, I suppose the liar in chief (who is in a far higher position than FBI director) overwhelms you with intelligence and common sense?
Lots of people hate trump because he is a threat to democracy (among other things) and they weren’t fired from their job and then repeatedly smeared and lied about.
I’d say that’s a pretty good reason to hold a grudge...
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Re: Comey

If  you  want  embarrassment  -  wondering  what  an  interview  of  the  former    R  N  C   guy  Elliott  Broidy  some one asked me last week ?