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Communism, communism I tell you!!!!

Planting trees.

The net thing you know they'll take your cows away.


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Re: Communism, communism I tell you!!!!

Most of the BTOs around here have track hoes so they can make deals with landlords to clean up fence rows, take out field trees etc. Getting tough for a hawk to find a place to land.

Borders and such aren't exactly ideal habitat but they were something. Could be better, communistic programs for buffer strips, long term retirements of marginal land into trees, etc.

Of course the input suppliers still get $300/acre gross off those marginal acres even if the farmers are losing money on them, so I imagine they wouldn't approve.


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Re: Communism, communism I tell you!!!!

In the farmdoc U of I budgets this spring, lower productivity land was approaching 0 rent, meaning that if you own it free and clear you can farm it for fun if you really want to. You do a get a Stormy payment.

Hard to imagine for those of us limped along on $2 corn and 100 sows for a good while although I don't doubt the truth of it.

Although the guy that is renting it and losing money will probably not be happy if it is retired. He just wants higher prices and when rent and inputs catch up, he wants higher prices.



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Re: Communism, communism I tell you!!!!

Cleaning up all those fence rows might look pretty but they work like a windbreak and evidence shows a windbreak increase yield in the fields beside it.


All that cleanup probably reduces yield but then if you are not making money anyway that might be good because it will cut the trucking costs.

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Re: Communism, communism I tell you!!!!

(Planting trees.  The net thing you know they'll take your cows away.)

I don't know how many have planted hemp in Kansas this first year.  I haven't read anything about hemp in relation to saving the planet like trees, I would instead plant a tree if that is your goal.

I would think that the cut hemp stalk would be hard on tires.

K-State Research and Extension:  Tell potential producers to “go into industrial hemp production with their eyes wide open. Just tell them right up front, if anybody is promising you that you’re going to get rich, walk away.” 

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Re: Communism, communism I tell you!!!!

Depends on the distance between fence rows. Around here the deer will get the first 12 rows. Then you can figure another 30 feet that doesn't get planted. Then 12 rows on the other side. So now you have 90 feet you pay taxes on and get nothing. Doesn't take long to pay for an excavator. Use it a couple of years and resell it. Or do like me and the boys. Use a chainsaw. Burn the brush and sell the fire wood. Stumps soon rot out.

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Re: Communism, communism I tell you!!!!

"-New programs: socialism -Programs the American people are used to: not socialism"


Your challenge, Nox is to once get free healthcare and college implemented, then it won`t be called socialist.


Re: Communism, communism I tell you!!!!

lots of "socialism" in the grain budgets right now, between Trump market payments ,  ARC payments, Syngenta payments, subsidized crop insurance payments, I would wager that most of the surrounding farmers here will get more from those sources than from actual sales of grain. My own operation....we worked day and night at times and did get 97 percent planted, but it probably will be close on grain sales vs. non grain sales checks. Not saying any of this is good...just stating the reality.

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Re: Windbreaks

You can believe that 3020 but science shows differently.

First is info from Ontario and has been published for 40 years or more

linkGraph: Each bar represents yield average, as studied by the University of Guelph Ridgetown Campus. Yields increased on the downwind side of the windbreak over distances of up to 12 times the height of the windbreak. Crop yield increases vary by crop type.


And this is from your country and is a compilation of many trials around the world showing windbreaks pay in many ways.

Researcher John Kort of Canada in 1988, compiled 50 worldwide windbreak studies conducted from 1934 to 1984. The distance is measured in units of the height of the windbreak, and results show that, as expected, yields are hampered out 1 to 1-1/2 times the height. But yields steadily increased out from the windbreak 6 to 12 times the height. This means that 40-foot tall trees, yields suffer 40 to 60 feet away from the windbreak, but they benefit an area about 500 feet out, or roughly 12 times the height of the trees.

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Re: Windbreaks

In Europe, one of the reasons why there is fairly broad support for generous farm programs* is that people will tell you that "our farmers are the caretakers of our beautiful countryside." A bit of a social (sorry) contract there.

I guess a few people think that a weedless agricultural desert with the tiny bit of ditch mowed like a golf course is beautiful in its own way, maybe?

Occasionally see somewhat who's planted a fence row to poplars of something, but it is rare.

That another subject but there should surely be some appreciate for agricultural lands sustaining more biodiversity.

*might also extend to tolerating certain practices they'd otherwise find unappealing.