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Concealed Carry

I have a license.  I've had one longer than the state let everybody have one.  I've never used the gun I carried to protect anybody nor have I even pulled it out thinking there was a possible situation that might require using it.

I think that in many cases concealed carry (CC from now on) is another feel good law.  In the case of a mass shooter with a rifle my little CC pistol wouldn't be much of a match, it only has 6 shots and it's really only accurate to about  20-25 yards.

In some cases people were shot without warning, there was no opportunity to get to you CC and defend yourself.  A bullet proof vest would have been more valuable.

I would be in favor of open carry (OC) as you could have a better weapon to actually defend yourself and others.  A 15 or higher round capacity magazine, a longer sight radius would make the pistol accurate to longer distances.  It would also be a deterrent if a potential criminal saw multiple people with such weapons.  It would allow for larger more effective calibers, many CC weapons are 380 and don't compare to a 10mm or  40 caliber for effectiveness.

I know it like everything we do in life is not a cure all and doesn't solve societal failures but it's one thing that would help.  Getting rid of gun free zones would also aid in reducing these events where the shooter knows they're relatively free to commit their mayhem. 


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Re: Concealed Carry

So more bigger guns is the answer to too many guns?

Would more poison be the answer to poison?


Think about a shooter incident and how a civilian with a gun would be any help.

You pull your gun and the next guy takes you out thinking YOU are the shooter.

Then there is the case of dozens of people all in the line of fire, who will you shoot at and maybe miss, oops!

Yep, more guns sure looks like a great way to have more people shot.

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Re: Concealed Carry

Chemo is a poison to the body and it takes out cancer.

Rat poison is a poison and it takes out rats that carry disease.

And the same rat poison saves peoples lives by stopping clotting.

Lastly, your making a mistake in characterizing guns as poison, it's guns that equalize little women to big men, it's guns that save us from invading armies, it's guns that protect thousands of people from intruders and thieves. 

Guns are tools. 

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Re: Concealed Carry

Now tell me Canuck if you were a potential shooter and you walked in to a store where 90 percent of the costumers were carrying a Glock 19 on their side would you try to shoot any one?

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Re: Concealed Carry

Well 'al' as I understand most shooters expect to die.

So the shooter walks into the middle of a crowd and cuts loose with his assault weapon which has been proven to kill or injure over 20 people in 30 seconds.

Now you and everyone else pulls their BIG Block and cut loose too.

Shooter has body armour and 50% of shots at shooter miss shooter and continue on trajectory into other Clock shooters on other side.

I see a MUCH bigger body count from your scenario.

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Re: Concealed Carry are assuming that many of those folks are bad shots.   

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Re: Concealed Carry

I do not think it would be an erroneous assumption that several of all those 'good' guys carrying guns would miss at least a few shots under the conditions of being under fire themselves.

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Re: Concealed Carry

Practice makes perfect . And you wonder why gun owners have so much ammo. Just ordered a 10mm 1911 yesterday just in case you people decide I can't buy anymore.

Liberals are the best gun salesmen.