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Re: You are dangerously niave, Schurrbart

I didn't write that and I still have doubt that what you professto be true will ever happen.  Yes, there was a ban on so called assault weapons and the world DIDN'T end.  This argument has been going on for decades and it has not happened. yet.   I don't think Snooky is naive, certainly not "dangerously" so.  You guys are always saying "will", "maybe", "if", "probably", etc.  Maybe it will happen someday but I doubt it.

Veteran Advisor

Re: You are dangerously niave, Schurrbart

To me, it is the same language used in the Medicare/Medicaid/SS debates.

The right 'wants' to take away your benefits.

They 'would' if the 'could'.

Since they haven't yet, why worry about it?

Sounds like a woman screaming or a 90mph wind, but it stinks like shi---

  No, it's the "Terminator"'s Depends blowing out while he's screaming, begging for surrender terms.--  "Make no mistake John, I`m a take no prisoners, kick you in the balls, Christian.  I`m the Terminator out to tear apart liberalism wherever I find it"


    For weeks you've been squealing about what to surrender, other peoples rights thinking you can appease them, giving them more precedents for taking away rights for some others in the belief you can save your pisspot.


  They haven't even got a bill moving in Congress to reinstate Brady and  The "Terminator" is whining like it's all over.  If you looked around you might see the latest SC decisions that will stop them if you don't surrender first.  You're giving the NRA phonys encouragement to make deals, like the last time.


  Like I wrote a couple months ago---"You actually believe Feinstink can get enough votes from the members of congress to be able to put a reinstatement of the Brady Bill on the Executives"s desk??  Bluedogs and all are going to push it through.  Well, You have every blissful right to believe you have the facts to enable you to see into the future and get hysterical about those things which have not happened.   I'm certain the fact it hasn't happened will not stop your hysteria, That's very blissful !!!"


    Maybe you need a super size super absorbent diaper with suspenders and safety blow out belts.   Here's a link to a site that handles a number of brands, I think they will send you samples so you can get a good tight fit.    Or you could just move your PC into your throne room, those adult diapers are a real problem for land fills, they will ruin your septic system, so don't flush the diapers.  Then you cn continue to live in bliss.






Re: Conflict of laws

Nothing the state of AZ tries to do suprises me.  Good luck with that AZ....






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