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Congrats to other parents, and am glad that milestone is behind us

  To all the other parents that had kids graduate this year, congratulations. I believe that Milligan and maybe a few others had kids graduating, but we sure are glad that's done and over with. Our son's class(33 total kids) graduation was last night, and was pretty short and to the point. The graduation parties start tonight and continue for a month or so on the weekends, with all the parents coordinating together so as to not cause any conflicts between one another. It's nice that he was in a small class.

  In a nutshell, I told him that from now on, it's the real world and time for grown-up behavior and responses to grown-up problems that may arise. I basically gave him the week off because of all the necessary stuff and hoopla, but kind of left it sorta vague to see if he would still come to work when he had some time. He has, and the wife thinks that I'm being a big manipulative pr*ck, and am throwing some sort of guilt-trip on him to work when I could get by without him this week.

 I don't think that I am, and it's a harsh world for the most part and the better part of a week is more than enough to tend to his commitments and still get other things done. What do you folks think?? 

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Re: Congrats to other parents, and am glad that milestone is behind us

We were discussing Graduations and Confirmations and such over supper last night. Our baby, youngest of 3 grauated from High School in 2000, so it's been a good while. We had a blow out here at the farm for all 3...invited hunderds of people and most of them showed up, or so it seemed. She went through grad school commencement a couple of weeks ago, but that was 1300 miles from home so no party.


Anyway, what we were discussing how the place probably looked as good as it ever has for those 3 graduation receptions. They were good for the paint store and the landscaping business around here. the parents of most student serve beer/liqour at H.S. Graduation home parties? They've begun to around here...not sure how long it's been,....maybe less than 5 or 6 years.  Drives my octegenarian Mother nuts. She's from the old school where if you drank it wasn't in front of the kids. Calls it "trailer trash behavior": I've been offered a beer at 10 AM on a Sunday at a grad reception brunch. (The rubes putting on the bash must not have known that it's champagne with brunch, not beer.)  Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Congrats to other parents, and am glad that milestone is behind us

  Yeah, most of the graduation parties used to be the night of graduation or the night/weekend directly after when I was younger, but not so much now. It seems as though the parties are more for the adults than than kids, and the numerous ones that we've helped and/or attended the last few years, the graduating kid and maybe a few friends are the only kids there besides maybe a few small children. All of them have been big shindigs with a lot of food and alcohol and throughout the day or evening there are usually 150-200+ people show up.

  We were planning on doing the backyard party too because we have a few tents/canopies but the weather looks as though it is going to rain and be fairly hot. A friend of ours offered up and insisted upon us using his restaurant for the party because of that, and his wife and him really like both of our kids. I think some other parents have decided upon renting his place too because of the possible heat/rain issues and also the parking lot. There's also a lounge/bar there too, and he insisted that we go all out and gave us a deal on the food and liquor. We pay some of his waitresses to work when we have a big party and he caters the food, and I also have him cater once a month for the after-work mixer that I do, and one of his bartenders that's off works and serves drinks and they really love the tips.

  We were dreading all the preparations and the possible weather problems and that sure helped us out a lot, because there were a couple of parties that we helped with last year that it was stinking hot.


Re: Congrats to other parents, and am glad that milestone is behind us

I think you should send him to st. Kitts for a month all expenses paid.
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Re: Congrats to other parents, and am glad that milestone is behind us

The young Italian thats been stalking ( dating) my grand daughter says whats the big deal. Italian kids take their final exams and go home. No celebration, no graduation. You're done, get on with your life.  This poor old grandpa sat through a graduation ceremony both this year and the last where they passed out diplomas to over a thousand kids in each class. That is not a celebration. It's torture.


I told my youngest grandchildren that it is over. My last commencement activity. Why should I go to theirs? They didn't come to mine.

I guess if I don't go they will sence that I don't love them as much. Maybe if I give them a couple hundred they will "feel the love."