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Congratulations Canuck_2,

I believe congratulations are in order to Canuck_2.  He was able to deflect and change the discussion about the debt now in the hands of the Democrats by a diversion about a minuscule part of the budget.


His obfuscation of the problem was masterful and many fell for it. 


We aren't talking about one tiny segment (farmers) or about socialism I specifically was asking why the Democrats now in power aren't doing anything about a problem they have identified.


What or who was in charge previously isn't part of the discussion, though for 8 years I believe the Democrats had pretty free reign for their desires.  But let's not digress, they are once again in a position to do something constructive about the debt.  There's no need to single out any one group.


No need to sidestep or divert the discussion and no need for a foreign operative to interject their opinion. 


Why aren't the Democrats doing anything for the American people?  Why are they helping run the country deeper in debt and doing so at the expense of the middle class and the poor?