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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Congress took 9 months to send us $600..

..but only 6 DAYS to impeach Trump.   The things that make you go hmmm.  


On January 20, 2021, President Donald Trump will leave the White House — forever. The man whose presidency drove a wedge between society unlike anything we’ve ever seen will lose his soapbox and likely fade out of the limelight. In the meantime, unemployment continues to skyrocket, infrastructure is crumbling, and small businesses are being wiped out.

Given the current and grim state of affairs in the land of the free, one would think that Congress would attempt to quickly work together to form a plan to help ease the suffering so many Americans are facing. However, this is the US Congress and help is the last thing on their minds.

Instead of working on programs to safely reopen the country, help those who’ve lost their jobs and homes during the pandemic, and find solutions to problems faced by tens of millions of Americans — Congress impeached a man, who in less than a week, will no longer be the president.

This move is insulting and egregious for two reasons. The first one is obvious and that there are far more important things to be working on than holding impeachment proceedings when a much less resource consuming criminal investigation could happen in the days after Trump leaves office. The second reason is that Trump should have been impeached years ago.

Over the last four years, Trump has given Congress multiple substantial reasons for impeachment, but they agreed with him on most of it, so they left it alone.

When Trump tweeted out in May that “when the looting starts the shooting starts,” this was a direct call for violence. In fact, it was in clear violation of the constitution by calling to remove due process and extrajudicially execute people over the suspicion of a misdemeanor. He should have been arrested on the spot but he wasn’t.


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Re: Congress took 9 months to send us $600..

BA, I don't agree with the assessment of that article that it is only a misdeamenor offense to trespass on someone's property, loot, steal, put the owner's life and livelihood at risk and not be subject to getting shot.

If that is where we are at in fruitloop land, and it probably is, we are all in deep doo doo.

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Congress took 9 months to send us $600..

Hey Red, most things that I read I don`t completely agree with.  It`s funny how a Democrat controlled congress that sells themselves as "looking after the little guy" take 9 months to sent a Covid relief check that is much needed after THEY locked-down businesses, but when it comes to impeaching a president that they personally don`t like, in his last week in office in just 6 days they can agree to that somewhat bipartisan.

bruce MN

Re: Congress took 9 months to send us $600..

What Democrat controlled Congress?  It hasn’t been since 2010.

The 19 and 20

House bodies have sent enough Bills dealing with all of that stuff over to The Majority Leader to choke a horse and they are all still sitting on his desk. 

I suppose if you really wanted action you could ring up Joni and Chuck and ask that they supports elimination of the filibuster. 

Honored Advisor

Re: Congress took 9 months to send us $600..

Those people in Congress do not realize that THEY are the problem in this country.  The American people are fed up with their lack of getting things done to help the country.  They all have their agendas and it impairs the ability to get anything done to help the country.  They can't open their eyes to generate anything positive. This is why Congress in considered the swamp.  We can't have term limits in Congress soon enough.

Senior Advisor

Re: Congress took 9 months to send us $600..

Well, they did get several "emergency" farm welfare payments out right quick.