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Senior Contributor

None of you care why?

Unless I missed something, the most amazing thing about this post is that none of you asked, or seem the least bit concerned as to why these appointments were unconstitutional. Not that you care, but is is because:


* Such vacancies have to occur during a congressional recess.


* Only congress can declare recess - Though Congress may have appeared to be in recess, they legally were not because no recess was declared.


Thus the appointments are null.

Veteran Advisor

Re: None of you care why?

Knapper, that is the simplest, and most direct description I have heard to describe the situation.   Kudos, except I don't think I can Kudo you in the Ag forum.

Senior Contributor

Re: Congressman’s Statement On Federal Court Ruling Against Obama

Not sure what you and this character are talking about because there is NOTHING in the Constitution that specifically allows "executive orders" one way or another.