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Conspiracy Theories

I accused a frequent contributor to this site last week of being mentally ill for seeing Jewish fighter pilots in the air, CIA conspirators in the background, and NYC bombers in the basements in conjunction with the 9-11 attacks , and I have just read something to make me rethink this accusation.


Read the following quote :


" Just think about can it be that such a big tower, merely being hit by a plane, it gets demolished? At the very least, something has been placed at its foundation, which would cause the collapse. This was a Jewish conspiracy."


Guess the source of this sentence.   It does not come from the contributor that calls himself "Harpoon", but rather from the family of accused 9-11 mastermind Khalid's Sheikh Mohammed, as quoted in the 9-13-2010 issue of the New Yorker. (page 50). So, just like Obama seems to have more in common with the average folks in Indonesia, Kenya, et al....One of our own contributors seem to ape the opinions from Pakistan, Iran, and other places that hate America.


Just like a president lacking the political support and common ground of his constituency is troubling, the presence of any number of American citizens that are given to flights of fancy and doubting the basic facts of our historical narrative is something to be deeply concerned about, too.


The New Yorker magazine, with a liberal bend to it, but not as far out there as its rivals, published this quote to show the extreme views of people overseas, the very family of the chief terrorist. Am I the only one here that is troubled by one of our own adopting this propaganda, and appearing to wholeheartedly believe it? You can sympathize with the family of a criminal terrorist that believe this crap, but how do you react when it is an American neighbor? This is the frame of mind that can create domestic terrorism, like that which inspired Bill Ayers, the  1960's admitted bomber and political mentor of Barry Obama.


Government mistrust has deep roots in America, and it may be healthy to a certain extent. Thomas Jefferson viewed government as something a nation of free farmers must constantly be vigilant against, and to hold in check. The JFK assassination and coverup may have prevented WW III, by shielding the deep communist links between Lee Harvey Oswald and Russia and Cuba, but it also created a generation of Americans that doubt a lot of what is told officially. Branding Oswald as first a nut, and then letting soft security lead to his murder may have served the immediate purposes, but it did spawn doubts that  still exist.


Having American citizens believe that  our own government would blow up and kill 3000 of our own citizens is very unhealthy, and it would make anyone mentally ill if this seed got planted and grew in their brain. What seems very odd is that the same person rails on about the need for government to do this, that, and everything else but so deeply distrusts the very entity that he expects to do all things. How do you have such conflicting views, and go about life? Must be a lot of compartmentalizing going on.

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Re: Conspiracy Theories

 Sure is a lot of compartmentalizing and self deception, cultivated ignorance, in your lie about what other people wrote, but if it helps you to sleep at night, shut your eyes and mind and go ahead, stick your head back in that warm dark place.  "Our government?  Sure there are many criminals who are willing to murder for profit and power, like mine owners and factory owners who poison their workers and the public, for instance, you need to educate your elf, try reading.  No, some people who work for our government perhaps, along with others who have something to gain, does not implicate the entire "government", try to be honest instead of childish.  Who said anything about "jewish fighter pilots"???? If you are unable to honestly discuss issues there is no more point in discussing issues with you than attempting to reasoning with a tired out spoiled 3 year old.  GROW UP!  

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Re: Conspiracy Theories

Red steele. Don't go looking to argue with nuts or the foolish. In the end, you will just make yourself part of the "group". Once you argue with a fool you slowly start looking like one. I tried this as well....... I just gave up.

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Re: Conspiracy Theories


The appalling state of public education in America has come home to roost. Those people think you are stupid, try to prove them wrong.


 Look at building 7. A controlled demolition, pure and simple. The majority of people who accept the official story don't even know there was a third building to collapse that day. Perhaps NYFD did in fact pull it, as Larry Silverstien has stated, but experts in the field say there is no way that they are aware of that a building can be rigged in short order, particularly when it is on fire. But anyway the official report says that it fell at freefall speed with perfect symmetry due to fires.


Give some thought to the thermal dynamics associated with pools of molten iron under all three buildings weeks after the event. Do a little experiment- get all the paper, lumber, plastic, carpet and other stuff that you can collect- stuff that would be the fuel in an office fire. Throw on a few thousand gallons of diesel just in case you want to make the oil from the generators case. Build it up around a bunch of structural steel beams, lay some under it, whatever and light it.  See how much molten iron is under the pile a few days later. And by the way- it shouldn't be iron if the beams did melt- it should be steel.


The official 9/11 Commission report is a farce as the two chairmen now concede.


I don't really care if you want to call me an anti-semite- I'm not running for president of Boys State although it appears that you think you are. I am completely in favor of the protection of the constitutional rights of all jewish citizens of the US. That is not the same thing as the State of Israel although many Americans seem to have been brainwashed into thinking it is.


The picture that someone posted of a man falling from one of the towers is indeed very shocking. But you could also take it as a reminder of how much the State of Israel cares about you when it thinks its survival is at stake.


As Alan Sabrosky has recently stated publicly, therre are only two agencies in the world with the capacity to pull that off that operation- the CIA and Mossad. Both the cui bono question and the pesence of lots of Israeli agents around the event points strongly in that direction.


I'm thinking that you're thinking that letting Israel drag us into their wars isn't going to affect you much- tucked away up there in Hooterville with you Ayn Rand books and Fox News on satellite. I'm thinking it might.







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Re: Conspiracy Theories

In response to your last paragraph. How many would think that a US President would order his troops into an agressive war and kill hundreds of thousands od Iraqis, some 4000 american troops and almost a countless number of american troops lambed for life? And that President would lie to the american public to win support for his objective.


Now I ask you, would such a man be capable of doing most anything?

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Re: Conspiracy Theories

To US neocons the opinion of the rest of the world is utterly beneath any consideration but I'm inclined to think they aren't all stupid. Many of them are, after all, better educated than us and they also watch less TV.


Globally, opinion is that far and away Israel is the greatest threat to world peace. A fairly distant # 2 is the US but that requires a bit of discernement. The majority of people want to respect and admire the many extraordinarly things about the USA, it is the US far right that they fear.


That was made obvious in the huge rejoicing over Obama's victory and it even went more than a bit over the top with stuff like the Nobel. And I think they'd have reasons to feel a bit rolled over Obama as well.


I'm guessing that few outside of the US yet realize that the US neocon right is in the process of whipping Middle America into an  irrational seething rage. Die volk are going absolutely batshirt crazy and the realization is only slowly sinking in on domestic observers, much less those abroad who are understandably not really culturally attuned to this.


I think we're close to tipping over the fascist line and am thinking that the only way to stop it is to go back to the beginning of the really pathological part of the narrative- 9/11- and show that it was a fraud.


That isn't going to happen in the US- we have bought fully into the whole story and anyone who publicly questions it is risking ostracization and professional ruin (conspiacy theorist, anti-semite etc). I don't think that it is any coincidence that most of the signatories to public statemetns on the subject are old military guys who think that nobody can hurt them at this point.


The 9/11 story does seem to get better traction abroad. Here's a piece with Richard Gage on New Zealand national TV.


I'm thinking that, maybe, if the rest of the world really raises the issue to a huge uproar it might begin to force some reconsideration in the US. Or, it might just force some people's hands to move faster but I don't think that is all bad either- they'll make some mistakes if they get pushed.


Best, h






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Re: I'll only say this,"remember the liberty"

The USS Liberty suffered an air and naval attack at the hands of the Isrealis during the six day war.


Do a google search of Isreal attacks Liberty and you decide whether it was an unfortunate "accident". Then all the jewish influence in the Bush 2 administration and the drive toward fighting Isreal's wars. Then you could consider Joe Liberman cheerleading for Bush as they entered the fray in Iraq and afghanistan. This creep was darn near the vice president of the united states and he would sell out american service men and women to fight for his beloved isreal. I am so disgusted I could spit!


Oh the head cover upper in that fiasco was none other than Admiral McCain father of Senator John McCain.

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Re: Conspiracy Theories

What a bunch of quacks! Just listen to yourself. I guess you believe in aliens too?


Re: Conspiracy Theories

 Why don't you show us how much you know about it.   I mean a polite thoughtful mature gentlemanly discussion of the fact, not a repeat the standard insulting parrot phrases(Like "conspiracy theory"), you have been conditioned to squawk.   That is so grade school misbehavior.


  Can you give a reasonable explanation why so many ex-military brass is calling it a fraud????

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Re: Conspiracy Theories

Are you saying area 51 doesn't exist?