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Conspiracy Theories

Paul Craig Roberts


"A country whose population has been trained to accept the government’s word and to shun those who question it is a country without liberty in its future."

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Re: Conspiracy Theories

He's wrong about one thing. There is one news outlet that let these people speak, one most you guys hate by the way:


So, the point to faking a 911 terrorist attack was so that we could go to war with them where we wanted, when we wanted? So we could create a police state? Just to make government bigger? Or was it something else? What was the big prize for America killing thousands of Americans and then getting into wars where thousands of Americans die/died? I think motive is a necessary thing to discuss.


The Bush/Cheney lies that got us into Iraq were certainly a conspiracy sold to the American people, so I fully expect you to defend my right to have a say about that.

Re: Conspiracy Theories

I don't think you start out with inductive reasoning as to why.


You establish that the official explanation is false then you proceed from there.


You have a number of low probability events that happened sequentially. Low probabilty X low probabilty X low probability X low probability.......progressing onward = nil probability.


Even if any one of the key events is theoretically possible it gets ridiculously slim- .1 X .1 X .1 x.1 =  .0001.




Who is "we"

  "So, the point to faking a 911 terrorist attack was so that we could go to war with them where we wanted, when we wanted? So we could create a police state? "   

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Re: Conspiracy Theories

I think the motive is the most important thing. There are seldom planned crimes without motive. It is the first place to look once a crime is detected.


Perhaps I will agree that conspiracy theorists should be heard. To shut them out let's them become martyrs for their cause and let's them make the claim that they were not heard because we are afraid of the truth or there was an intentional cover up. That said, the information you cite is widely available for anyone to hear. Perhaps the reason that certain conservatives wish to de-fund NPR is because they allowed these people to speak on the air? That fits perfectly with what your article claims pert to the media.

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Re: Who is "we"

Johnaa, I don't believe that btw....just going with the logic of the article, which I believe (personally) is inherently flawed to the core. We in this case would have to be the President, a lot of his staff and many, many top level military and covert operations agency personnel. When we look at these things as a whole, we have to indeed look at it as a whole. So if the government was in on it, then who would it have to involve and what were their roles? This kind of thing that is being proposed (a 911-conspiracy) can't happen without many people knowing. For every non-action and mistake cited in the article, someone had to make that happen or not happen.


Cui Bono

   If you are looking for motive, isn't the question of who benefits most important?   Who is "we"?   

Re: Conspiracy Theories

You would have to have a suspect in order to discern motive.


The first matter is merely a technical discussion of the official account which even the co-chairs of the official commision have now backed away from.    


If you take a close look at the whole scenario it isn't hard to be deeply skeptical. What is hard to come to terms with is the implications.


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Re: Cui Bono

The main beneficiaries?    Isreal and saudi arabia and their supporters. Not necessarily in that order.

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Re: Cui Bono

OK, I am not of this ilk to begin with, but I will give it a shot using conspiracy ideals. We killed off all the people in the twin towers, the Pennsylvania flight (headed for the Capitol) and the Pentagon so that government could become more powerful and suppress the American people and so that they would willingly submit to a sort of police state rule without asking too many questions. This police state would be practically impossible to achieve any other way. So you still ask why? Well, so do I. It just does not add up as a motive.


A conspiracy could say that 911 was fabricated so that we can beef up the military industrial complex and make the industries and their CEOs rich as heck not to mention increase the price of petroleum and other commodities. One could speculate that these people really are the ones pulling the strings from behind the scene and indeed the president is in on it or being duped by them and their cronies. Or "they" all did it to make themselves rich and take a step towards a one world government where ultimate power would rest in the hands of a few. Do these folks still say there is a Tri-Lateral Commission? Maybe them. Lord, I don't know. (by the way, I DO NOT endorse this).