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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: How about a Sunday School lesson on one lie leading to another?

I`m a little rough around the edges to be a Sunday School teacher, wouldn`t you say? Although I`d make a damned good one, the kids would love me and learn alot.  I am a council officer, rotating Deacon, mentor to Conformation students and folks going through divorce seek me out for counciling.  This is why it`s hilarious that you and your buddy Schnurrbart(before he became a Jesus freak) call me a liar at the drop of a hat.  I like to think folks put their confidence in me because of my brutal honesty, I would never knowingly steer anyone wrong.  If it helps you cope, John you may think of me as really being "that stupid", but liar? Nope. 


Oh! I can't be a liar because I am a christian, Yah right!

  When I refer to someone as a "real christian" it means a real hypocrite, you do repeatedly lie--attempt to deceive, however it's apparent you mainly deceive yourself.   Brutal Honesty?  Apply that to yourself.