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Re: Conspiracy Theories

You are overcomplicating the conservatives NPR thing.


The movement "conservatives", since long, long before 9-11 have wanted to de-fund MPR because ordained minister Fred Rogers was effeminate. Becasue thehuman cast of Sesame Street was multi-racial and contained a mixed marriage couple. Because Bill Moyers, another man of the cloth BTW, was unashamedly progressive.  Because they feature folk singers and other 60's and 70s performers on their music programs.....need more?


And take another look at that mathematical formula that nox posted again. It's compelling.




Re: Cui Bono

I know that a this line of thinking is disturbing, and I've never dwelled on it as long as I can avoid thinking or reading about WTC7. The rest? Maybe...maybe not. But that one is a real spook.


But for it to weigh less heavily on you try eviscerating the "we" from the thought process. Abdicate yourself, and then run back through it. You know and "we" know that it wasn't you.


I kept thinking about the professor from Boulder who lost his job amid great media fanfare over simply questioning what was starting to shape up in such incredibly short order into a Warren Commission redux extraordinaire

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Re: Conspiracy Theories

The NPR thing was sarcasm.


As for Nox's formula, fine, but let's factor in some of the other things or we only get half the equation. Who was able to waive off or disable Norad? I mean, how far up do you have to go to say, "don't fly?" Would it have required equipment to be disabled? How was that done? How did air traffic control miss the airplanes? Who told them "ignore those planes today" and how probable would it be that someone told an air traffic controller to ignore what he saw and obey? Who was the engineer who set the charges? How did they access the building? How long would it have taken and still not be seen? How many people would it take to place all the necessary charges? Who was the demolitions expert and his architect accomplice? Where did they get the blue prints for the sub structure of the building? Who accessed them? Then there are the terrorists themselves. If they didn't fly the planes, who on board had the capability to do it? Were there people aboard all three of the planes other then the terrorists who had sufficient knowledge and training to fly the planes? In the Pennsylvania flight downing, did anyone notice someone else go into the cockpit and fly the plane? Why no mention of that by any of the many cell phone callers who died that day? Was it in the plan for that one to fall in a field? If this was a conspiracy at the highest levels of government and through multiple, multiple government agencies, who many would it take to do this and then never speak a word about it? No regrets by anyone? No mysterious deaths of someone about to rat the plot out?


I'm by no means running out of questions here, and I have asked only a few, but it should be sufficient to make a point. I just want these probabilities entered in the formula as well.

Re: Cui Bono

I've posted various speculations over the years and regret it. Doesn't matter, for now.


Stick to the knitting. Highly, highly unlikely that you can knock a steel cored skyscraper down into its own footprint with a plane. Times two, highly, highly unlikelier. X 3 with one that wasn't hit by a plane, just start hitting the 0 button on the calculator. Etc.


This is those **bleep**ers' achilles heel, just keep shooting BBs at it and you never know what might happen.


I have to give it to Dr. Roberts. He committed professional suicide a long time ago but he keeps on keepin' on.

Re: Conspiracy Theories

Stick with then physical evidence and the facts.


The dog didn't bark. Sooooo.... maybe here is the conspiracy- that Al Queda had a mole in the US government  who told them that there was to be a standdown of air defense on that day. I'm open to that-and that, in and of itself, would be the biggest scandal in American history.


 And that would be small against the vaster implications that you are struggling with. So it is difficult.


Press on.


Re: Who is "we"

  You say " if the government was in on it was in on it, then who would it have to be involve and what were their roles?  then you give your answer--can't happen without many people knowing about it.  Well, there are many examples of black operations and intelligence functions and the basic operating procedure is Compartmentalization, no one knows any more about it than they need to know to perform their part.


Re: Cui Bono

You're putting words in my mouth, not that
I haven't considered those possibilites and more.


Not the point. The point is that it is extremely unlkely that it happened as described. Let the inquiry begin and let the chips fall as they may.




Re: Conspiracy Theories

  Some of your questions are ah--, "who was the engineer", "demolition expert", what makes you think the blueprints were guarded?    Here are some possible answers to some of your validquestions

.   Access-- there was ongoing remodeling, repair going on every day, the buildings held more offices,etc. than a small city; Construction crews coming and going every day, no need for to "not be seen", just a little deception, coniving.


  The question of who was flying?  Many very well qualified pilots  and aviation experts are on record testifing the manuvors the aircraft took was impossible for about any pilot, and the "terrorist" student pilots did not have have the knowledge nor the training neccesary.


  Who pilots those drones used in the middle east?


   BTW, I have read that cell phone excess is not available over 2000 feet.

Re: Conspiracy Theories

Correct on the cell phones, particularly at that time. Pretty wierd.

Re: Conspiracy Theories

And then they came back and so, oh, they were seat back phones. Which weren't installed on those planes. And then it got dropped.