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Conspiracy theories and Illuminati

Interesting read about conspiracy theories and how the Illuminati conspiracy theory was accidentally created.


Goes on to view how conspiracy theories are being used today.


Yes USED by people to lead people to follow them.


But we live in a world that is full of conspiracy theories and, more importantly, conspiracy theory believers; in 2015, political scientists discovered that about half of the general public in the USA endorse at least one conspiracy theory. These include anything from the Illuminati to the Obama ‘birther’ conspiracy, or the widely held belief that 9/11 was an inside job carried out by US intelligence services


The picture that this paints of modern America is a dark one, especially for Swami who has seen a change in who normally promotes conspiracy material. “Particularly in South Asia, conspiracy theories have been a mechanism for the government to control the people. In the West, it’s typically been the opposite; they’ve been the subject of people who lack agency, who lack power, and it’s their lacking of power that gives rise to conspiracy theories to challenge the government. Like with 9/11. If people lack power, conspiracy theories can sow the seeds of social protest and allow people to ask questions.

“The big change now is that politicians, particularly Donald Trump, are starting to use conspiracies to mobilise support.”

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Re: Conspiracy theories and Illuminati

The term was coined by the CIA back in the day when there were concerns about a majority of Americans having some degree of disbelief regarding the official account of the JFK assassination and a program was mounted to counter the malign effect that might have on national morale.


The problem with conspiracy theories is that occasionally they contain a kernel of truth, or more. On that one I'm near 100% certain that the Warren Commission findings aren't an accurate portrayal of the events.


Although I guess it really isn't a conspiracy theory if you don't offer an alternative scenario. That's part of the game- getting people to offer up a theory and then having fun "debunking" it.


I also don't think that "US intelligence agencies did 9/11" per se. That's also a strawman argument.