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Senior Advisor

Conspiracy theory Nox?

Can you come up with a good conspiracy theory for this one Nox? Obama endorses Hillary and then has a meeting with AG Lynch. The fix is in. Some people are too big to jail.

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bruce MN

Re: Conspiracy theory Nox?

Might make some sense if he had grilled Lynch before the endorsement. I'd have preferred that he had endorsed Jill Stein. Would have made the circus even more entertaining than it otherwise will be

Re: Conspiracy theory Nox?

No, other than to observe that neither AGs Ashcroft or Gonzalez seemed particularly keen on taking any action on any of the abundant criminality in the Bush admin., including those of the chief exec and his first mate. In fact as far as other heads of Justice serving entirely for the purpose of protecting all illegalities, John Mitchell was a piker by comparison.


Which generally was received with approval and stridently defended around here.
presumably because....Our Freedom.


El Donaldo will return us to what The Founders intended- a government of law rather than of men.