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When I went to look at  the Rolling Stone article that BA put up:



I also ran across this Tiabbi gem:




But these people stole over a billion dollars, right out in the open, and nobody is doing anything about it. Instead, we get a lot of chin-scratching legislative hearings, and an almost academic-style public discussion about whether or not a crime even took place. If there aren’t arrests in this case soon, ordinary people will correctly deduce that it simply isn’t a crime to steal in America, if the thefts are executed with a computer by white people in suits.


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Re: Corzine-Zimmerman

BS comparison. Taibbi dropped in my estimation. And he never mentions why the bundler to tpotus is untouchable.
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Re: Corzine-Zimmerman

Have you connected barack Obama to the criminal act at MF global?



Just be patient because investigators will get to Corzine right after they get done with Bush and Cheney for war crimes.

Re: Corzine-Zimmerman

The BS is you being a contrarian simply for teh sake of it.  The entire damned article is about exactly what you say hit doesn't address.  It's not just the potus or teh Dept of's everybody and everywhere.  Only petty, trendy issues or ones that entail extreme summary violence are prosecuted and punished in this society. 

Jim B. in Iowa
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Re: Corzine-Zimmerman

Kraft says Corzine did nothing wrong.  Why are you trying to railroad an innocent man? 




One WOULD think that the country could raise a tenth of the stink about these corrupt bankers/etc that they raised about getting Zimmerman behind bars...hell, was anyone prosecuted from the 08 BS?  And with blind partisans claiming their innocence on party affiliation alone, its kind of hard to get anything going.

Re: Corzine-Zimmerman

Guilty....somewhat. check out dershiwitz on the zimmerman indictment. Taibbi's piece was such fluff. Name names, take it to the door if those responsible for doing nothing, not just vague illusions to government. Ask if the MF global customers had resembled whats his faces son would the doj have taken notice.

A tenth of a stink...good one..

I like that.


Here's a starter kit for a laundry list.  I'm sure that there is much more that could be added to it:


And people keep talking about "the government" being bad for business.  Yup...the nerve of it...wanting businesses to pay taxes after having let them do just about anything they want to do in the course of it.


And we are all part of it.  We accept the status quo under the premise that doing anyting about anything might cost us something.   Most conservatives are simply wired to be generally accepting.  Most mainstream liberals just plain ignorant of the workings of things. So what you get the extremes pitted against each other and it all becomes too hot to touch.



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Re: A tenth of a stink...good one..

Not to sound harsh, but if the people who swindled honest Americans were forced to punch out license plates, or scrape manure pits, at minimum wage, until they paid every cent back, instead of getting a slap on the wrist and telling them something to make them feel bad, we might start cutting down on the problem.

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Re: Corzine-Zimmerman

I would love to see convictions for the corrupt banksters, but i would need some evidence to proceed other than a political assumption of guilt.


I don't recall you being as exercised about halliburton scamming the government during the Gulf war.


Or i don't recall you calling for prosecution of Tom delay or jack abramhoff.  You probably were caling for it but i just don't remember it.

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Re: Corzine-Zimmerman

I'm a big fan of Tiabbi as he has been out front from the start on the crimes of these greedy bankers.  He continues to beat the drum while many others have either ignored it or wrote a single piece on it and then forgot about it.


I am amazed that the Obama campaign would allow Corzine to be one of their top bundlers.  Seems like they are trying to give the Romney camp some good ammo for future debates and for his campaign ads.


Don, I think we all know if Bush was POTUS and Corzine was one of his top "bundlers" you would be singing a far different tune.


If you need more evidence on Corzine here is a great report from the Huffingtonpost which is far from a Repub friendly news website.


The Huffingtonpost report mentions how some Dems during Congressional hearings lobbed softball questions at Corzine but at least one Dem tried to get to the bottom only to get hammered by fellow Dems. 


"Yet another Democratic Member of Congress asked tough questions in the matter of MF Global and was accused by other Democratic Members of not being a "good Democrat." But the accusers have a warped definition. Their definition of a so-called good Democrat is at odds with the definition of a good American."