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Couldn't watch

But just read a couple of bloggers who say that the Boy Scout is doing his best to rattle The Donald. 


Did they have that right?  Not sure that primary Trump demographic could be affected much by what transpires in a debate.

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Re: Couldn't watch

I`m watching right now on the infamous You Tube, if you can stoop to that level, here is the link Smiley Happy   At 25 min, Trump talks about that worthless piece of crap Mexican Vincente Fox who said "We won`t pay for the f***ing wall"   Trump said "The wall just got 10 feet taller!"  and the audience cheered the roof off.  Smiley Very Happy   Trump says exactly what i`ve been saying for years that these trade deals where we run $58 billion trade deficit with Mexico and $500 billion with China...why are we worried about a trade war???


Re: Couldn't watch