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Covington Tribute

Really don't know a lot about the Covington Catholic kids, but there is another Covington in the news in Minnesota...Robert Covington, the key return on the trade of disgruntled all star Jimmy Buckets Butler. Covington plays hard, is respectful and knowledgeable in responding to interviewers and questioning after the game, and even with all his art and strange hairdo, is someone I admire as a player in the modern NBA.


Roco is currently out of the lineup with a banged up ankle, but I look forward to his return to the floor, and the hustle and determination he brings. I believe he was undrafted, and worked his way up to a position on an all NBA team (defense) by pluck and hard work.


Luck is a great word if you put a P in front of it.

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Re: Covington Tribute

Agree wholeheartedly on Cov.  I’ve been in the building for nearly every home game.  He lifts the boat.  Gets crowd inspired.


I’m actually hopeful for moving up a few spots under little Flip.  Rookie Okogie getting comfortable. 


Buckets was poison.