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Re: Crab processor

(crab processor)


This oughta get some PETA folks voting for Trump Smiley Wink

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one more thing for liberals to go apeshoot over

makes me wonder how many heads have spun off in the last eighteen months due to TDS.

Probably...and greenie earth firsters

Who don’t think the grass should bee cut or the burdock and thistles be controlled:

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why won't Americans take certain jobs?


Once we agree on that, we move on to step 2

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Re: Crabs

Every good capitalist American believes in the principles of supply and demand. Oh, until it comes to labor to do some sh it ty job and then we need the wetbacks. Pay as little as possible and let the taxpayer subsidize with benefits and then berate them for being on the dole! Why the he’ll shouldn’t someone doing whatever is done with crabs (besides scratching) get paid as much as a high level executive IF THAT IS WHAT THE MARKET DEMANDS! I’m sure it’s hard work. The harder people have to work the sh it ty jobs the less they deserve is the way it works. To keep them in their place executive AS sHOLES have to bring in the wetbacks and other third world labor.