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Senior Contributor

Craig. You love this.

So much for you precious democracy. 

How Iowa can teach the nation to cure one form of political cancer: gerrymandering

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Re: Craig. You love this.

Playing fair in setting up districts, like true democracies do, would sure mess up the system that selects the one with the fewer votes.

I have seen examples of how gerrymandering can get one party several seats by 'dumping' lots of opposition votes into one or two districts and allowing the party doing the gerrymandering to sneak through and win several seats to have the majority of seat without the majority vote.

Senior Contributor

Re: Craig. You love this.


Noooooooo. Tell me it isn’t true. Craig told us many times how democrats were voting twice and dead people had a vote. Now we find it is in Craig’s home unchristian is that Craig? Right under your nose.