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Re: Craig & Sam have warned of this

@cmilligan1958g wrote:

@r3020 wrote:

If you were actually trying to say something in that post it sure didn't come out very well. I see you still have an unhealthy obsession for Craig. It's unnatural.

Did anyone expect Colin Noris to change anything about himself? The only difference is his refrain from using swear words, as it would get him banned, again. 


Speaking of such, Lemerick was being less than gentlemanly on our site, which got him banned again. This time, we did a “Mueller “ exam on him. Let the fun begin. 

My point is you have been spreading this fear for many years.  Not one single event has happened.  You had you chance to eradicate obama but did nothing.  You all called him a communist and posted all those silly little pictures and it came to nothing.  That’s a fact. But no, keep the punters on edge with more spurious threats. Did I ever expect you change anything about yourself, unquote.