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Re: 6000 year old bible???

Check history r3020. Your bible was first put together by a committee of men about 1700 years ago. They discussed what to include and what not to include.

Google The Council of Nicaea if you want to actually learn how it came to be a book that you call the bible.

Since then the old texts have been translated and for hundreds of years copied by hand.

There is no way to know what was original written material and meaning in many cases.

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Re: 6000 year old bible???

The Torah comes long before that Canuck. There may have been discussions about what to include after the time of Jesus but there is no doubt it is the inspired word of God. Every other fad comes and goes but the words of God in the Bible have remained the same.

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Re: Creation vs. Evolution

Hi Jim.

Bad day to start this thread just got off 11 hours of tractor driving.

But since you already know my opinion on your topic I will just point out that your clotting example does not work to prove your point. Rather it proves evolution.

All creatures have a clotting mechanism except those individuals who have a faulty gene such an hemophilia's.

Evolution gradually cleans most faults like hemophilia out of any creatures gene pool by the simple process of, in the case of hemophilia, bleeding to death.

Modern science and health care has been able to keep many alive despite natures plan, although a high % did contract AIDS through tainted blood products and then died from those complications.

The clotting mechanism was probably evolved millions of years ago by the simplest of creatures and followed along as other creatures evolved from these.

No magic involved just selection of the fittest.

Hope your weather is nicer than ours, too hot here at 32 for highs the last 2 days and more to come they tell us.

Thanks to air conditioning I have been able to 'survive' another day without melting.


Re: Creation vs. Evolution

If Adam and Eve were the origins of humanity wouldn't all blood lines be pure back to them?

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Re: Making excuses dairy mom

The problem with your premise Dairy Mom is if the bible is this book that knows everything and commands all correctly then it should state it that way and not say 7 days.

The problem with so many religious people is they want to make the rules to suit them and then claim the bible that men put together 1700 years ago is correct (unless they do not want it to be right of course).

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Re: religion and science complimentary?

You would have to show me how r3020.

Religion has continually through the years denied the truth of scientific discoveries until years after they were common knowledge to those who think.

Many religious people are still trying to deny evolution.

How many suffered because they rightfully pointed out that the Earth went around the sun?

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Re: Creation vs. Evolution

BA you are pointing out what I keep asking, which god are you talking about?

You say the Bible allows the earth to be 4 1/2 billion yrs old others using that same book and a different god think it is only 6000 yrs old.

Obviously they did not do too good of ajob writing it so people could understand it for a 1000 years.

BTW it is now about 700 years out of date if that is true.

And science believes the sun is slightly older than the earth, so now you know which came first.

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Re: Zeus?

Zeus is a god.

Is he the one?


Re: Creation vs. Evolution

I don't think evolution and creation are exclusive, maybe just evolution and a strict literal interpretation of the bible.  


Evolution is easy, really, for some to grab on to a claim there is no god, evolution is understandable.  When you start going into physics, some of the stuff they are discovering is so contradictory to what we think is reality, so un understandable, its not so easy to say there is no god.

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Re: 6000 year old bible???

Even the ones put in after this 6000 year old one?

You would of course have the evidence for this I suppose?

Remember in the real world if you can not prove it, then it is just hearsay.