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Re: Creation vs. Evolution, Sam

OK Sam, you are saying there is lots we do not understand and can not understand but religions put forth the idea that their god is all powerfull, in control, created everything, habded down all these commands in whichever religious book you want to put forth etc. Now show me some proof that any god is around anywhere to have done all these things or even some of these things.

People expect everyone to bow down to their idea of 'god' but can not show any evidence of there being a god, any god. Well except some like Zeus etc. where there are stone statues.

The universe is a mind boggling thing.

Science is slowly unraveling many of the mysteries of how it works. Lots of questions are still out there.

Believers mostly want to stop understanding at some point that suits them, quit asking questions and seeking answers and just believe in what some other men in the past said.

Look at the record of the church. It is not good at explaining or allowing science to explain.

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Re: The Bible, Canuck

So did the 'teachers' do a good job of explaining Shakespeare to you?

Did you just believe what they said?

Do you live your life according to what Shakespeare said?

His writings should give a better understanding than a 1700 year old book.

What you are saying is a very good reason to question what was said way back.

Some things still are good, some things are terrible as we understand the world today.

As you said they did not even have enough words to describe things.

BTW I have no doubt my writings will die with me or at best outlive me for a few years until my children finally get around to throwing out all the old stuff.

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Re: The 'miracle' of the sun

Read through the link and I am not so sure it is a totaly authenticated 'miracle'.

Like any 'miracle' I have seen before it happened in the past and is described later by as in this case some one from a religious background.

You are willing to believe these writings.

What about the explanations for how or what happened?

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Very good

So the blood came first then.


Then how would anything have survived if clotting wasn't there?

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Re: Creation vs. Evolution

But Gough, maybe you have done this before. When I think about it I can't think of any other source for the universe getting started then by God. I have read about the size of the universe. If you could build a rocket that could fly forever without refueling you would never get to the end of the universe. The Hubble space telescope has gave us pictures that are incredible. It is so mind boggling we can't fathom it. Our little brains can't understand it. Stand outside at night and view the stars it is awesome. Even Carl Sagan said it stirs his inter being. This rock we stand on called earth is held in perfect balance by chance? There is no way.

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Re: Creation vs. Evolution, Sam

Canuck 2   that is what Faith is.  There is nothing without Faith and everything with Faith

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Re: Very good

Exactly MOS, no doubt there was/is a designer. It is all to perfect.


Re: Creation vs. Evolution, Sam

That is a great quote, thanks.


Re: Creation vs. Evolution, Sam

It seems to me your problem is with people not god.


Re: Creation vs. Evolution

So is the guy saying tht the devil was out breeding women too?  I thought there was only one divine birth?