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Re: Not That Perfect... wrote:

Exactly MOS, no doubt there was/is a designer. It is all to perfect.

Not exactly all that perfect..... There are diseases, plagues, Democrats, dictators, the devil, weeds and brambles....things like that.

Sometimes I wonder if we were created on some other planet somewhere, and planted here on this world.  What if we find some other creatures on some other world someday, and their DNA is the same as ours?  Just pondering.

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Re: Not That Perfect...

The reason there are diseases, plagues, weeds and such is because of sin in the world. We were not planted here from some other world. Didn't happen.

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Re: The Bible, Canuck

KJV  Genesis 1:27  "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them", that was on the "6th day".  Gen 1:31 ....."it was very good'...Gen. 2:2  God rested on the "7th day" ...... Gen. 2:5  ...."there was not a man to till the ground".... Gen. 2:7  "And the Lord God formed man  of the dust of the ground"......Gen 2:19 Adam is mentioned. After Cain killed Abel in Gen. chap 4 God placed a mark on him so as a fugitive in the land of Nod the "6 day" created men wouldn`t kill Cain for fear of being cursed. Gen. 4:17 Cain built the city of Enoch. It is frustrating that many times athetists know the Bible better than Christians and use those very passages to tear down the religion by showing the errors of the "6,000 yr old Earth" belief.  

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Re: Creation vs. Evolution

Pastor Murray documents everything he teaches, chapter by chapter verse by verse.  Revelation 2:9 "I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are NOT, but are of the synagogue of satan"  I am a ELCA Lutheran, but use Murray`s teaching as a more in depth study of the Bible. I`m even the Deacon in September   Smiley Happy  

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Re: Not That Perfect...

Good morning Jim;

I agree, no evidence that life on earth came from outside our own planet Earth.

The diseases, plagues and weeds developed the same as all other forms of life.

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Re: faith dairy mom

No dairy mom, everything would be here with no 'faith' but some people need a 'faith' to get them through this life.

If not for faith what would some have to look forward to each day.

The problem with religious believers is when they start to allow their 'belief' their 'faith' to make them think everyone else has to believe the same as them, when they think their god is the only god and they (the believer) has to force others to obey what they think their god wants.

Live and let live should be everyone's motto but the right wing religious do not want that.

For those of us who can accept the fact that there really is no supreme god, that there is nothing after, it is quite a nice life and eye opening too when our minds are not encumbered by the superstitions of past generations forced on us by religions.

Still uncomfortably hot in Ontario with high temps in the low 30ies.

Hope you are having more pleasant conditions.

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Re: size of the universe

I agree again Jim, the universe is truly awesome, to borrow a phrase from the young people.

Looking out on a clear night at all the stars and knowing from what science has taught us that there are stars beyond the stars we can see, truly mind boggoling.

But there is no evidence of the universe not just always being here in one form or another.

As we know it there was a starting point called 'the big bang' which caused the matter to expand, cool and take on new forms but the base material, the 'energy' was always there.

Mind blowing info to take in and understand which is why minds much better than mine spend a lifetime trying to understand the mechanics and math behind it all.

Promises of more knowledge to come from the Hadron Collider.

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Re: Blood, clotting and evolution

The problem you have in understanding MOS is you have not opened your mind to the facts and have this `biblical` mindset that says everything has to be magically created in its present form.

Evolution does not work that way.

At some point living `creatures`, which includes plants, developed body fluids to transport various nutrients around. This became what we call blood in many animals.

Eventually as these living things became bigger and perhaps more active injuries would have encouraged those who were able to `clot` their body fluids to survive.

There is nothing magical or instantaneous in evolution. Small steps can take thousands and even millions of years until a mutation that is better happens.

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Re: Too simple Jim

See my reply to MOS Jim.

Things do not happen that way in evolution.

No instantaneous creations of complete systems like blood.

It is a long slow process with `blood`and clotting developing in tandem as the need arises and the genetics happen to develop.

Remember genetics are not perfect as witnessed by hemophilia's.

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Re: Blood, clotting and evolution

"The problem you have in understanding MOS is you have not opened your mind to the facts and have this `biblical` mindset that says everything has to be magically created in its present form."


I have never believed that