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Re: Blood, clotting and evolution, good for you MOS

Keeping an open mind is good.

So often people can not think through a situation because of old superstitions.

Hope my explanation made sense to you. I am no expert, just general knowledge I have picked up from listening and reading.

With the blood and clotting, it is seen even in plants so it is a necessary thing for survival.

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Re: Blood, clotting and evolution, good for you MOS

" it is a necessary thing for survival."


Evidently not if clotting came after blood

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Re: Blood, clotting and evolution, evidently

Evidently I did not explain it well.

They developed together.

You could not clot 'blood' if you did not have it.

As creatures developed, the need to clot any bodily fluids that kept them alive would become necessary as they became larger and more involved.

Even the 'blood' of trees and plants clots.

It is not complicated if you get past the idea of everything magically popping up as you see it today.

Evolution my dear fellow, not magic.

Re: Creation vs. Evolution

Jim - I understand how you could believe all that garbage how god invented it all in 6 days, but honesly, do you REALLY believe.  The proof of how all this happens is everywhere but one place - the bible.  Nothing in that novel relates to the truth of the world. Beliefs are what divide people, doubts unite us. NO gods - no master, isn't that what the american dream of liberty and freedom all about. To explain the unknown by the known is a logical procedure but to explain the known by the unknown is a form of theological lunacy.  Finally, on here so many sprout the wisdom of your founding fathers so I leav e you with a passage  "Question with boldness even the existence of God,because if there be one,he must more approve of the homage of reason than that of blindfolded fear"  -  Thomas Jefferson.


It would be more appreciated Jim if you decided to defend religion, maybe some facts would help your arguments.

Re: Not That Perfect...

I would have thought the acceptance of DNA was still quite foreign to most religious people.

Re: Creation vs. Evolution, Sam

Dairy MUM  -  Everything with faith - really?  I will bet you have achieved not one single thing in your life with the direct assistance of faith.  Usually it is the banks or luck that provide us with what we need.  If you were to wait for god to provide it, you will die before you get a signal he is coming soon.  Faith would give anyone a warm inner glow but never pay a bill or establish credibility.  You really do need to set some priorities on who provides what on this earth.  God has provided absolutely nothing.