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Crimes of Mena


I really can't blame anyone who just wants to vote against Clinton, other than to note that the majority of those fiercely supported another member of the Bush/Clinton organized crime family until the bitter end (and then don't know him, no matter how many times the cock crows). And probably still genuflect every morning at the shrine to St. Ronald of Hollywood.


The Crimes of Mena, along with Gary Webb's Dark Alliance series that ran in the SJMN (where the coke went after Mena) are the best looks we get into the El Ronaldo drug cartel and the formation of the Bush/Clinton organized crime family. Both stories were bitterly suppressed but largely supported by subsequent revelations, including modified limited hangout admissions by the CIA. However, Webb was so depressed at the loss of his career that he shot himself in the head twice.


It is probably a fair bet that Reagan knew little or nothing about the skullduggery going on during his administration other than the implied knowledge that he supported anything in the fight against communism. GHWB was likely a lot closer to it all given that he had been running a CIA front company for decades and was even brought in as a temporary CIA chief during one of the agency's crisis period.


The question of how Bill Clinton became a CIA made man is a little less clear but however it came to be, he provided a wide open state the operations, and actually a lot more. During his terms Arkansas was the go to place for all forms of financial fraud.*


See Ambrose Evans-Pritchard's comments below the linked article. He did much of the good gumshoe work on the basic story.


* As I said, the basics of the two stories are largely verified. The question of where our two buddy presidents come in involves some speculation but not too much of a stretch.


Going further into speculation, it has always interested me that three major business juggernauts emerged out of Arkansas during that period- Wal-Mart, Tyson and J.B. Hunt. Gee, I guess WJC was great at creating a business friendly climate.


But think about it- create three plain vanilla commodity businesses- easy to enter, hard to gain advantage- and take them public. Running them isn't rocket science but you do need to be state of the art, which you can hire. Then launder money through them and, viola', instead of taking a 1/3 haircut in cleaning up dirty cash you multiply it hundreds fold.


It would be a long game but the Clinton Foundation would be the final step in laundering kickbacks from those and many others who you've helped become wealthy.


Now there's a story that if you got onto it would make you want to shoot yourself in the head twice. Or take a vacation in a small plane.


FWIW, for those who still revere St. Ronald for winning the cold war, fair enough. The ops that actually did it run more through the VP's office, Casey over at CIA and the entirety of the Deep State. It probably runs through Riyadh, the Vatican (Pope John Paul's CIA handler- the American woman), and the Fed (a lot of farms and oil operators as collateral damage in that part).


Unfortunately as is often the case in history, they won the war but lost the peace.


BTW further following the narrative. The likely reason why there was such desperation to install GHWB's son in the oval office was likely the urgent need to cover the tracks of that entire period.

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Re: Crimes of Mena

That Arkansas is a pretty corrupt place Clintons, Waltons, Rockefeller, Tyson.  You go up a little to Branson (I`ve never been) but they say there`s a lake with bodies wearing cement shoes.


Re: Crimes of Mena

Rev. Huck probably cleaned all that up.


There is competition in the race to the bottom, though, as Iowa is said to be a favorite global destination for hot cash.


I'm sure the Good People do it in a nice Swiss way, though.

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Re: Crimes of Mena



The lutherans do the same in Clear Lake.  Bad spirits everywhere.