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Senior Contributor

Cry baby Republican

You libtards want a few cry baby Republicans? They get their butt handed to them in an election and then they pout and cry. Take them please... They do not stand for what it is to be a conservative.

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Senior Contributor

Re: Cry baby Republican

Now Zira is making me upchuck by describing Oprah and Karen and implying she is talking about Trump. Man will these nut cases ever shut up?

bruce MN

You must have been watching

Did FOX show the piece where the young woman from Arizona whose Dad had gone to a Karoake Bar with his buddies because he’s been convinced by somebody  COVID was a hoax? And was dead within a couple of weeks.

She said “The only pre-existing condition he had was trusting (David Dennison),”

Senior Advisor

Re: You must have been watching

The outcome might have been different if the guy had access to HCQ. Arizona is one of the states that had restrictions on HCQ being used for covid.