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Culture war.


For decades, liberals won the culture wars and, consequently most of the elections that reshaped America. More than politics is changing in this crossroads year of 2010—Americans are reasserting traditional culture. You won't read or see it in the mainstream media, but this fact is driving the political story.

The Republican Party is not resurgent (although it may be the beneficiary); America is resurgent.

Generations of Americans have never known any culture except the progressive, politically correct left.

Beginning in the 1960s, God was driven out of American public life because liberals said the Constitution demanded a separation of church and state.

Planned Parenthood was part of a campaign that convinced many Americans that killing unborn babies was really a defense of a woman's constitutional right to choose.

The ACLU sued to define "free speech" to include vandalism, sacrilegious art, and spitting on returning veterans of the Vietnam War.

Even more depressing, the drive for equal rights for liberated slaves, begun by Republicans during and after the Civil War, morphed into a liberal affirmative action program which reintroduced privilege based on skin color.

In 2010, the tide has turned.

This year, liberals demanded Americans respect the triumphalist mosque near Ground Zero as an expression of American commitment to religious freedom. At the same time, liberals sued to remove a cross in a remote area of California's Mojave Desert and sponsored hate crime legislation that would put Christian pastors in jail for reading Biblical passages condemning homosexuality.



The Obamacare debate awakened what Nixon called the "Silent Majority." Silent no more, the Tea Party gatherings starting in the summer of 2009 galvanized American grassroots opposition. Liberal attempts to scold, denigrate, and marginalize this movement backfired. Now, incumbents of both parties are being thrown out of office in a political bloodbath that will reach a crescendo in November.

Al Sharpton's pathetic counter demonstration to Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” event in D.C. is only the latest highlight of the perversion of the civil rights movement by its current self proclaimed "leaders." More and more American blacks have come to realize that the Democratic government plantation is not so different from the Democrat's original version in the pre-Civil War South. Dependency is dependency. A welfare check and food stamps are doled out by the new "massa”—same as the old "massa".

Americans of all backgrounds have noticed. Equality of opportunity has degenerated into new privileges based on skin color. Most Americans want a return to an opportunity society with "equal justice for all." The Voting Rights Act should apply to the New Black Panthers, too.

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Re: Culture war.

You bet that's what it is about.


As the dominant baby boom generation enters elderhood it will send society into paralysis and secular crisis as it is, by god, time to have it out over the culture wars that began in the 60s.


This time around the dominant trend is toward conservatism. Can't tell you how many former groovy dopers I know who now spend their time bitching about taxes.


In the past, the younger generations have had what it took to ick up the pieces and form a new social consensus.


We shall see. Teach your children well.


Re: Culture war.

I don't think we have a culture war.  I think what you see with the mosque, immigration debate, and all the obsurd cries of racism is merely background noise. 


The economy is the thing.



Senior Advisor

Re: Culture war.

You can wax in your glory all you want but little will change. This election is not the second coming but continue your preaching. Just don't pass the offering tray.

Veteran Advisor

Re: Culture war.

What is with these WND and Townhall columnists and their horrible writing.


I nor anyone else here with the exception of Canuck 2 (any irony there?) is anything to write home about as a writer, but these people who you keep pasting up for us are absolutely brutal.


I know that there has been a big push for the development of young conservative intellectuals with Wm. Buckley gone but I didn't know they were going to start publishing people while they were still in the 8th grade. And by then, even, the student should know that you can't take generalizations and sandwich them between antecdotes and call it journalism.