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Veteran Advisor

Re: Yes, You Can...

Yes.... You can change your party affiliation at the polls, vote against Braindead, and switch back in a day or so at the auditor's office, if you so desire.

Anyone who is registered as independent has to do the same.... only those who are filed as a party member can vote in the primaries..... that is why I don't think that Branstad will get that many non-republicans to go to the effort to sign onto the GOP, just to vote for him.


Re: It Makes You Wonder....

I was kidding abou the sign swiping...relax craig.



I had forgotten that Narcisse was running as an independent.  I think that is where my vote will go as well.  He is completely insane, but gawd it would be fun to watch Iowa politics with him at the helm. 



I guess I don't see King riding his religion into the congress.   I agree with many things Vanderplaats has to say, but I don't like the route he took to get here.  It certainly wasn't the high road.   Attaching himself to an extremist (and a simple minded one at that) in Deace was the frosting on the cake AFAIC.   I spend waaayyyy too many hours in a tractor seat each year to ignore extremism in whatever form it comes in.   I've heard King many, many times on the radio and never had a problem with him. 

Honored Advisor

Re: It Makes You Wonder....

Thanks for catching that, John. I was reading the "page of shame" in the local paper and misstook $400 for no insurance(makes alot of sense, fining someone that much who obviously can`t afford ins?). That M*ther F**king seatbelt B**l S**t really P**ses me off! How were you hurting anyone going down the road without a seatbelt????? DumB A**es giving a fine for that! To look at it logically, who would get hurt worse, someone in a crash without a seatbelt or someone on a cycle? It`s just a revenue enhancer.