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D Caller..and the rest of Red’s bookmarks

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Re: Alex Pareene

Alex Pareene, the Michelle Wolf on Salon.

I presume Alex wants conservative talk to go 24/7 Stormy like the liberal media talk, which Pareene consider's good reporting.

Esteemed Advisor

Re: Alex Pareene

I remember the second week of January, in a hotel room while on vacation, as Anderson Cooper and Shifty Eyes had their lead stories being Stormy Daniels. I wondered, honestly, had the Onion taken over the news networks?


Five months later, a consensual one night encounter, close to fifteen years ago, with this female entrepreneur still dominates the news cycle for Boriz's favorite liberal sites.


And it's the conservative news that has a problem?


What's that old saying...when you point a finger, you have three pointing back at yourself?