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Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

DJ Trump...the messenger

Before the third and final debate, my mind was pretty much made up

that I would vote against Mrs. Clinton, one of the most diabolitcal , 

conniving, and crooked politicians and plotters that the USA has ever

seen. Her BJ of a husband is pretty straightford and honest compared

to her, in my opinion, as someone that has read extensively about

the $100,000 cattle future bribe from Tyson foods, the Whitewater 

development frauds (that interestingly led to many convictions and

jail terms, but not to the big cheeses...the clintons) the elimination of

VIncent Foster who was having an episode of conscience and was 

about to spill the beans on the money shuffling going on under his

watch, etc etc. All of this had Mrs. Clintons fingerprints all over it. She 

is one disgusting pig of a person.


Trump, on the other hand, is also a pig, a sexist pig and probably a 

racist person too, that sees a black man first and a man second, just

like most of the posters here, from both sides of the political spectrum.

Sad commentary, but true and reinforced by what I read here almost 

daily. If not an avowed racist, he certainly is a sexist person...he sees

breasts , legs, and butts as part of his makeup. A typical man...he has

normal doses of testosterone running through his body, and if that

disqualifies him from higher office, well not that alone, but the lack of

what is called a "filter", I can see a protest vote for Jill Stein or Gary

Johnson resulting. I can respect that. I cannot respect support for

that "nasty woman".


What sets Trump apart, and what has earned MY vote for the Trumpster,

and not a vote against Mrs. CLinton, is the issues. Trump is as close to

a Pat Buchanan that we are ever going to see running a competitive

race of the POTUS postion, short of a major collapse (which sadly may

be forthcoming.)


Trump didn't flinch on the abortion issue, didn't try to win votes from those

on the fringe and said the truth...his opponents views are disgusting. Those

that cannot truely understand the difference between some gutter remarks

made a decade ago by a boy/man and the policies of a woman and movement

devoid of basic human mores, are disgusting too. Sorry, but thats the truth.

Many of that read this are also lacking in basic human sensitivities. It's really

a sad commentary on America.


On foreign affairs, Trump is absolutely right also...a nation teetering on the edge

of bankruptcy needs to be a lot smarter on how it spends money....we SHOULD

make Japan, NATO, Germany, South Korea, etc..ante up a good chunk of their

collective GNP's to pay for the world policing and get our own house in order.

We should not get into foreign conflicts of choice. For whatever sinister reasons,

MRs. Clinton is the ultimate war monger...she has the world on Fire now, through

her and Obama's total incompetence, and her solution will be to pour more

gasoline on the flames. If you have young children that may be drafted into wars

of choice, and you want them to fight Mrs. CLinton's dirty wars, by all means vote

for the "nasty woman". It's a disgusting thing to do, but it is your vote.


On the economy, Mrs. CLinton and OBama and the democratic congress gave us

Obamacare, the biggest fraud ever perpetuated on the American population. Even

as they lied repeatedly and still lie, the ACA is falling apart as I type. Some low

info type will undoubtably respond and say...hey 20 million more Americans now

have "health insurance"'s a great success. Well, if you do not understand the

difference between "health insurance" and Medical assistance and/or ACA 

subsidized policies, I guess you would believe that lie. Its a welfare expansion, and

a totaly flawed one. Even the democrats are running away from it...Mrs. Clinton 

does not want to defend it at all. Stick it to the "nasty woman"'s her tar baby.


I can see the frustration in Mr. Trump as he battles the final weeks and how the

character assasinations, fueled by the $200 million that the very Nasty Woman has

authorized attacking him on a personal basis, rather than on an issue based campaign,

have taken a toll. It has been disgusting to watch, and to see the pile on from the

RINO's as they find they align much more with Mrs. CLinton as a parliament of

whores, than they do with the American people. 


Trump may or may not win this election, but he has been a voice for the American

worker and the truly patriotic and with his handsome sons and articulate daughters,

he has placed himself and his family out there as spokespeople for some time to

come. I welcome "Trump TV'" or whatever form the next step takes us too. As 

imperfect of a person and man Donald J. Trump may be, he has voiced the issues

that many of believe in and for that I commend him and will proudly cast my vote

FOR Trump. If Mrs. CLinton wins, I sincerely hope that Trump makes her four

years as unpleasant as she deserves. Assuming she can make it four years without

some new scandel putting her out of office.

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Milligan Hay - Iowa d:^)
Veteran Advisor

Re: DJ Trump...the messenger


Veteran Advisor

Re: DJ Trump...the messenger

He won't win.  And the Boy/Man was 59 when the sex talk tape was made. You think he has grown up since then?  You're kidding yourself.


The issues? don't have the votes - or the American public - to overturn RvsW.   Not going to happen.  A woman's right to choose is her's.  When you carry the baby, Mr. Red....then you can decide what you want to do with it.  Until then....the woman gets to decide this one.


Foreign Affairs...It wasn't Secretary Clinton that got the world on fire.  Again, you have to go back to your own party for that one.  There is a reason that Republicans don't like prancing out GW.  I'll leave it at that....


Trump went to Mexico...What did he do?  At least in public, he didn't even bring up that Mexico would pay for the wall, because he knew he would look like the fool that he is.  But he sure talked tough when he got back.  In Mexico, he looked like he was cowed by President Nieto.



Washington (CNN)The president of Mexico explained Thursday why he invited Donald Trump to visit his country, pitching the trip as a chance to meet with someone important -- even if the Republican nominee is widely disliked in the country.

"I was very clear in public and in private to emphasize the fact that in Mexico, we feel offended and hurt by his statements about Mexicans," Enrique Peña Nieto wrote in an op-ed for his El Universal. "I expressed that we deserve respect, that we are honest, hardworking people, that we value our families and the culture of effort."
Peña Nieto and Trump met in Mexico City Wednesday on a whirlwind visit ahead of Trump's major immigration speech in Arizona. In public, Trump and Peña Nieto mostly struck a friendly tone, though acrimony later broke out over whether the pair had discussed Mexican payment for a US-Mexico border wall, a trademark Trump policy.
"I was also very clear in my conversation with Trump on the border: Mexico will not pay for any wall," Peña Nieto wrote.
This from an interview with Trump:

Heilemann: But it’s possible that NATO is obsolete and should be gotten rid of?

Trump: It’s possible. It’s possible. I would certainly look at it. And I’d want more help from other people. The one thing definitely — we’re paying too much. As to whether or not it’s obsolete, I’ll make that determination.



I have read quite a few of Trump's interviews.  He has a difficult time staying on subject.  Much like you see when he's talking off the teleprompter, he's scatter brain....he goes everywhere, repeating things, broaching 10 different subjects over a period of a few minutes.



The economy....well, he won't even show us HIS taxes.  There is something big there that he is hiding, and doesn't want the American people to see.  That is enough to make me nervous.


Obama care.  Something had to be done.  We hear talk of all the price increases, with the rates going up 60% plus.  What you don't hear, is that for 98% of us that have a policy that is a group plan, we don't have the problems that some of the people on here have been complaining about.  My health care insurance is going up probably $500 or so this coming year...about a 9% increase.  Individual plans, with no group coverage, is a different story.  Farmers can form their own group plan, but the costs will be higher there than the general public, because of the sheer number of accidents that tend to happen farming.  Most of my stitches, and all of my broken bones, came from my time on the farm.   But instead of complaining that you aren't eligible for a group plan, and bitching about it on here, why don't you see what it would take to make a group plan for farmers.  And you won't - because you know that it would fail, just like NFO, because farmers are too individual to want to actually join anything that is collective type bargaining.  The plans that were terminated were BS plans...I've been over that before.  They took your money - paid essentially nothing.  Republicans had the opportunity to contribute to making a national health care plan - they opted to sit on their butts and bitch.  Now you want to kill what we got.  And then what?  There will be no new plan....ever.  And we will be back to where it was.  Where we paid for those without insurance anyway, because they all went to the emergency room with no intention of paying for the visit.  You know the rest of the issues.  The long and the short, when we can't work together as a group, you can expect problems.  Bitch all you want....the Republicans are as much to blame as anyone for the 2% that are having issues....


How about we talk economy at the end of the GW administration?  Oh, that's don't want to hear about want to pretend his presidency never happened....fine....


Character Assassinations?  Trump put the gun to his head himself.  It's more of a suicide...


Tick Tock....






Senior Contributor

Re: DJ Trump...the messenger

And the sexist pig stuff?  Clean for 30 years on that one?

Veteran Advisor

Re: DJ Trump...the messenger

And his taxes are still hidden from public view.  Just because you can't see the racist side of a person, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.  Trumps sexual predatory nature wasn't shown until the Access Hollywood tape either...until then - it didn't exist....AND NOW IT DOES...


Tick Tock...




Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: DJ Trump...the messenger

sorry, I don't engage cuckoo clocks on the internet.

Veteran Advisor

Re: DJ Trump...the messenger

Good, saves me time writing back to a gun carting idiot....

Tick Tock....