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Senior Contributor

DNA CP Charlie, WWJD

There is a senator D-Rep. Tim Ryan who has been talking about illegal immigrants and what to do with them.


He repeated several times that we should give them a fine, they should learn the English language and they should pay taxes.


These three things.



This is great.  I won't argue.  ---- But before we start up with the Welcome Wagon, I want to give them a genetic test.


A test that compares their DNA to that of a database of known human genome mutations.



If you want to live in my country you should be geneticly sanitary.  I don't want a bunch of tards running around all over the place.

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bruce MN

Re: DNA CP Charlie, WWJD

What do you want them tested for? Is there a " 'tard" gene? Maybe we could draw blood on Ollie for a baseline
Senior Contributor

Re: DNA CP Charlie, WWJD

Yep.  There are 4 genetic mutations which are most commonly found to be involved in "conspiracy".


But the decay of DNA is more expansive than this.  Soon what you get is a chromosome experiences a break.  That break just throws all the DNA right in the garbage can.  Like a sick dog.


Think of my healthcare situation.

Senior Contributor

Re: DNA CP Charlie, WWJD

It might be 5 mutations.  Anyways.


There is a facial recognition chart around some where.  They actually took 3D scans of the facial structures of over 100 of each of these phenotypes and merged them all together into one picture for each of the mutations.


So its got a generic picture of each type of tard.


This was done by a University in Scotland.