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Re: And you are fools of the first order, 20

So says who, you?? We all know you're full of, "fake news"!!

Re: DNC lawsuit against Trump campaign

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Re: DNC lawsuit against Trump campaign

Only logical explaination I've hear for the suit. publicity stunt to be dropped after the fall.

BA Deere
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Re: DNC lawsuit against Trump campaign

I think that the Dems really are this stupid.  It was a clever plan that Robbie Mook and Hillary cooked up that "Russia got Trump elected" however it only had legs for 6 months, if they couldn`t get Trump to shake in his boots and willingly resign after 6 months, it was time to start a new narrative.  But it appears they are going to ride this ol` nare of a story into the fall elections.  I can`t see even one wishy-washy Trump supporter after a year + of this crap saying "oh yeah, I see it now, Trump was elected by Russia and now this fall I`m voting for Democrats in the House and Senate out of protest" ...I just don`t see hearts and minds having been changed over this fairy tale.  



So, if in the fall the Republicans don`t lose 60 seats, let`s say they lose 20 or less than a normal first term president loses, my question is what will then be the 5:38 narrative to explain that?   I mean we should be loaded for bear on the lookout for Russians "this time" right?   #noexcusesthistime

Re: DNC lawsuit against Trump campaign

Because Russia Russia Russia never happened happened happened?


Total WITCH HUNT, pretext to seize guns?