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Senior Advisor

DOJ admits to altering Strzok notes

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Senior Contributor

Re: DOJ admits to altering Strzok notes

HMmmmmm......... are you saying you can not trust those in your government to tell the truth?

Senior Advisor

Re: DOJ admits to altering Strzok notes

Adding a 'sticky note' to a document, is not altering a document.  Copying or scanning the document with the 'sticky note' attached is however, at best misleading, or at worst altering, unless proper notifications are made to alert the receiver of the document.

Dates are important -- if the original document had no dates, then the source of the 'sticky notes' becomes important, as is additional information to determine if the listed dates are estimates or actual.

From everything I've read, it's difficult to determine who is attempting to deceive whom, if anyone.

If recent history is any guide, it most likely that someone in DOJ, CIA or FBI is attempting to protect someone within, or in previous administration.

Strzok has already proven that he is not trustworthy.

bruce MN

Re: DOJ admits to altering Strzok notes

I often wonder with the support Dennison had from a good number of very powerful people and the press bending over backwards to give a bothsides report on everything that came along if this wouldn’t have been such a Keystone outfit.

Methinks that savvy people weren’t all that interested in working with them and that the people running things weren’t all that interested in taking on help that was “too smart”.

Delicate balancing act. Gets you the likes of Ptibus, Lewandowski, Sanders etc...people who have been humping their whole lives hoping and praying for this sort of an opportunity.

Deeply infective way down the line in departments and agencies as top dogs insist on a lowere caste that is compliant.

A bit like the victorious neocon war hawks staffing the Green Zone with post teenagers.