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Senior Contributor

Re: DOJ tells Gym…

The little hideous hot dog boy can shove his head up his *****. You want to insult you will get insulted in return. 

Senior Contributor

Re: RE: "The DOJ is now the brown shirt SS arm of the modern progressive dem party."

Skin out any corpses Ricky Gein?

Senior Contributor

Re: DOJ tells Jim…

(DOJ tells Jim that long standing policy dictates that the DOJ will only assist ftx-fettercrats)

Yea, well aware and not really news.

Ron klane:  Hey I'm an admitted radical left wing rag ...... but I can't even take anymore of my nut-ball boss old senile joe, I'm outta here, I got dark money to make on k street.

Re: Hideous

As would be you.

The perfect word. On every count.  What word would have been preferable in each or any case?



Re: Hideous..when I saw this header