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Re: DT proposed pulling out of Puerto Rico

It started with Andrew, got much worse with Katrina, and continues with Puerto Rico.


The way the system is supposed to work is the local government calls on the higher government for help.


That means the local government has a plan.  They know their resources.  They implement that plan.  County, state and federal come in as requested and necessary.  Sometimes you know ahead of time that massive support will be needed but the key is always from the bottom up.


What happened in Andrew and Katrina?  There was no adequate plan at the local and state level so the feds were dragooned into coming in with massive overkill.  After that, new bureaucracies were invented.  Massive amount of aid were provided top down, too much of it wasted, amidst the clamor of media and the bemoaning of the local officials who had not done their job right in the first place.  And the locals begging for other people to bail them out when they had not helped themselves.


This is going to continue because it's in the best interests of the locals to roll on their back and beg for help rather than take action ahead of time themselves.


And the weather is getting worse so we're going to see more of it.


What do we do when part of California slips into the ocean or New Orleans gets hit again?  When Miami is under 3 feet of water?  There is no good outcome.


At some point in time, even the feds will be overwhelmed.


What lessons will be taken?  The feds will start coming in like a ton of bricks and just take over.  They won't ask what help you need, they'll tell you what help you need.  They'll federalize the NG and order the people around.  


People at the local level need to grow up and accept responsibility before it's taken away from them.


This is not a Trump issue.  Many observers wonder why people who won't move to higher ground should be saved over and over.  We wonder why local governments won't take control of their fate but go belly up to the feds time after time.  The feds love this.  It builds power and resources.