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Re: DT proposed pulling out of Puerto Rico

George went off to war and, among other things, got a Patriot Act, created DHS and folded FEMA into it. Anyone who had any dealings with either agency back then knows what a mess it was. As noted, Bush had a lot of things he'd placed on his own plate  (like, at the moment losing a war that he'd lied us into)but he got caught with his pants down then.


Trump missed almost a week on PR while he was playing golf and tweeting about the NFL.*


Following Katrina the Bush and then Obama admins improved FEMA preparedness markedly and local planning in particular. That resulted in a pretty good showing for TX and FL. 


*the buzz, for what it is worth, is that Trump really got up shook over feeling humiliated in AL. If that's the case, certainly much, much worse to come.  Someday he's going to get whipped by somebody who won't vote with him 99% of the time.