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Re: DT proposed pulling out of Puerto Rico

Nox, did you get the memo?

the flag thing is old news, does not matter any more.


Your president has set the example for how it is to be now.


Donald Trump sat and laughed with Fox News host Sean Hannity as the “Retreat” bugle call was played. Tradition dictates that members of the military and civilian leadership stand at attention to respect the U.S. flag during the solemn ceremony.

Trump’s act of disrespect occurred during an interview that happened in a hangar at the Air National Guard base in Pennsylvania.

Trump referred to the bugle call as a “nice sound,” and asked Hannity if they were playing it “in honor of his ratings.”

As the official Army website notes, playing “Retreat” is “one of the oldest traditions in the U.S. Army, which dates back to the Revolutionary War.” Playing the song is used “to signal the end of the duty day and pay respect to the nation’s flag.”