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Re: Daddy Kav

Remember how worked up that you got over Bucky's Kenyan Communist father, and how you went ape nutz about the shadowly world of race tracks and organized crime around the purported father of BJ?


yeah, me neither.


Re: Daddy Kav

Yeah, whatabout?


Who me ignorant fascist white trash?


As per Hannah Arendt

Fascism overtook Germany when a vocal minority convinced themselves that the Weimar Republic was already a fascist state rather than the troubled and dysfunctional Republic that it was.


Once you conclude that "things can't get any worse so do something" then the leap from 4 1/2 lies a day to 9 is just a natural and almost unnoticed progression.

Senior Advisor

Re: As per Hannah Arendt

Only progressive can offer is mob violence.