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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Daily post with "Krugman" in the title.   Or you could say `Krugman on Krugman`.  In this Rolling Stone piece he says `a little inflation is good`.   Well, I agree, it`s made the stupid decisions that I`ve made makes me look like a genius.  Krugman is basically saying `spend ourselves rich`  Yay Krugman!! I love it!  And you know, I think that that would be the plan, it`s just this country is such a basket case that we couldn`t find investors that would allow us to do that.  If Krugman was in charge would you have confidence in buying Treasury Bonds and T-Bills? 

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Senior Advisor

Re: Daily post with "Krugman" in the title.

You have identified that. We cannot find investors for job creaation. They are on the sidelines .