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Re: Damning Timeline: Russia, Russia, Russia


Why did DJ Trump announce...)


The inference here of course is that President Trump knew about this meeting, this post has been litigated endlessly on all the liberal / main stream media the last few days (conservative media covered this story as well - just not in ad nauseam).  You and the liberal media may be right that President did know, it's definitely probable but still speculation at this point.  The meeting that Trump Jr. and others had with The Russian(s) was just buffoonish on their part, likely not illegal but definitely dumb.  
The problem that the liberal / main stream media has is that they have been trying to nail Trump for 2 years and this effort was really ramped up once he won the election and took office.  They finally have news that could be considered blockbuster news but the main stream / liberal media has been constantly crying wolf every day of Trump's Presidency reporting on every dopey little thing that they would of overlooked with Obama & Clinton, but since they hate Trump, every day it was a blockbuster that was going to end his Presidency and our Country would never recover. Now the main stream / liberal media wonders why no one pays attention to them on this story - OK, except for the lefty nut-balls.  
Now you can't compare what Trump Jr. did to Hillary having a private server containing classified information - and Clinton destroying 33,000 e-mails.
Well, I'm sure the main stream / liberal media would not cover Trump either if he destroys 33,000 e-mails Smiley Wink