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Senior Advisor

Darn those Clintons are amazing

along with the failin' NYT and all the lyin' MSM.

Drip, drip, drip

First, we get hit with a barrage of stories about the terrible staffing problems at the NY facility where Epstein was held.

Then we hear that the autopsy shows "multiple bones" broken in his neck, but are assured that hyoid fractures are quite common in these things.

Then we hear that one of the security cameras wasn't working.

Then, a few days later we learn that the other one wasn't either.

Don and Bill "simply appalled" that they can't keep ahead of Those Clintons and the MSM.

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Senior Advisor

Re: Darn those Clintons are amazing

BTW, where's Ghislaine?

Since it was dribbled out that the second security camera also wasn't working either (whocouldathunkit?) I'm sort of thinking that we'll be asking that question 50 years from now- like Jimmy Hoffa. 

Those darn Clintons and the Deep State are always 10 steps ahead of Barr and the few remaining loyal Americans at the DOJ and FBI.

I could easily be setting myself up for a big harharhar if they'd just apprehend her.

Just like I could if Trump or DB would release the full loan documentation.