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Senior Advisor

Darwin Award nominees

1. Folks who were begged to wear masks while committing crimes but were too ideologically pure.

2. Riley Williams, who was released to her Mom but set about contacting accomplices and telling them to destoy evidence as she had. Doesn't she know the Feds release people to see how else they implicate themselves and who they contact?

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Re: Darwin Award nominees

Was relieved to see Riley’s name posted with her photo a couple of days ago 

We worked  with a next to identical full doppelgänger of her before COVID broke up the enterprise (and the 2 of us were sent around 5K/month in supplemental UI for a few months. Thanks Dennison for thinking of us while you were busy working on the Beautiful Health Care Act, Infrastucure and warping up the vaccine.)

Much relieved. She’s a teacher at an area DeVos school so I felt I had a bit of a cause for concern.