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Re: Not under the bus!

Here`s a you tube vid of Mahar and Dawkins chortling of the ridiculousness of the belief in God. While Dawkins on a scale of 1 believing and 7 absolute zero belief, claims to be a 6 . He claims to be not a 7 in order to give some wiggle room on being a "scientist". He and Mahar yuck it up calling belief in God akin to also believing in "pink ferries"  "ha ha ha Smiley Very Happy yuck yuck yuck". I don`t know where you`d find a bigger couple of fools saying essentially that "science has proven with metaphysical certitude there is no god".

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Re: Breeding Down, Millie

I do not think you can compare what we humans, with our intelligence, do in selecting a cow to produce milk to any ability you might think we have to select the best human specimens to take our species forward.

With out human intervention how long would high producing Holstein cows survive in nature?

High IQ's are not the be all, end all for human survival. There are high IQ's walking around with very distorted views of the world. There are High IQ's who can hardly function in society.

What you see as 'genetic defects' walking around in the inner cities are in many cases people who were born in a bad place to unsupportive parents. Some times they have been persecuted and shunned by 'better people' in society leaving them uneducated and psychological fragile and therefore unable to cope with life (like some of those high IQ's).

How many of those people could do quite well in life given a different set of circumstances in their upbringing?

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Re: Not under the bus!

You need to 'listen' to that You Tube clip.

I did not hear them say there was evidence of no god.

They said there was no evidence of any god. They laughed about the ridiculous idea of a talking snake etc.

On a scale of 1-7 where 1 absolutely believes in a super natural being and 7 absolutely knows there is no god they rated themselves as 6 because as a scientist they know there is always the possibility of some new info coming forward to show a god might exist. BUT as I understand it, so far there is no evidence of such a thing.

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Re: Breeding Down

You may want to brush up a bit on your human genetics and statistics. My reading informed me that a genius is just as likely to come from the union of two quite ordinary humans as from two extremely intelligent humans. There is a phenomenom called "regression to the mean" that probably accounts for this. Also, the widespread and diverse genetics of humans is what gives our species its hybrid vigor, and you never know where the best fruit will come from...our human tree has deep roots.


It really shows up in human looks, too, when you see how ugly some of the children born to hollywood stars are. Of course, maybe that is because we never know what those stars looked like before all the plastic surgery. And maybe that old bald jewish producer is really the father, via the "casting couch".