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Senior Contributor

Re: David Stockman

I can't argue with you on Zakarria and wish the man would run for office but he is one of those darn foreign born guys.   I also think he would make a great Sec. of St.  I tape his show on CNN Sunday mornings and think he is one of the best political interviewers out there.


I have not read Newsweek for several months now.  Does Zakarria's column still appear in Newsweek?   I think I read something a while back where he was now working for Time magazine as well as doing his CNN show.


I do like the many advantages of the internet but still need to have some of the old fashion printed material.  I tend to prefer the comfy Lazyboy recliner in front of my TV over the lightly padded office chair that sits in front of my computer screen.   Plus it is not uncommon while working as a part time grain inspector during train loadings that I will have some unexpected down time.    There are the occasional break downs, grain not meeting grade requirements forcing the elevator to stop loading and unload a car or two, bins running out or even a rare derailment resulting in me sitting around twiddling my thumbs in some small town elevator for a couple of hours and often at 3 A.M.  That is when my bag of reading material comes in handy. 


It is amazing to me at how fast the internet and new technologies such as smart phones have changed the way people get their information.   I recall as a child often digging out my parents old set of Britanica encyclopedias when wondering about a certain subject or far off place or looking up words in the old Webster dictionary when unsure of their spelling.   Far different knows days.   The other night after playing slow pitch softball the wife and I stop at McDonalds with 4 other players and one of their girl friends.   All five were in there mid-twenties.  While we sat around eating our meals the topic of Ryan Dunn's (a member of the show Jackass) recent death came up.  Before I could take another bite at least 4 of the younger folks had their smart phones out and already showing pictures of the car wreckage and articles reporting on the accident. 

Senior Advisor

Re: David Stockman

I'm rather impressed with Christianne Armanpour of ABC news. A very gifted and talented reporter. I think it was an interview with the larry king replacement where she stated how important it is to get more qualified women involved in politics and big business.


She seems to think that women are more open minded, inteligent without the unnecessary testosterone.

Senior Contributor

Re: David Stockman

I agree with you Don on Amanpour.  I never watched much CNN so I first became acquainted with her when she did some work for 60 Minutes several years ago.  She is another very good foreign born journalist.   She also has a big advantage over many of her competitors as she has a pretty good un-named inside source, her husband James Rubin a former Assistant Secretary of State and spokesman for the US State Department during the Clinton administration and currently an informal adviser to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama.  A connection like that has to come in handy getting interviews or helping to open some doors in Washington.